The Corona virus panic is going to kill many more

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In the UK the country seems to be split.

On one side you have a middle class, feeling smug, and feeling important, as they home school, stay two meters apart, volunteer for the NHS.

On the other hand, you have a working class, who are still going to work, inches from each other on the bus and trains.

The rules given out in the UK are nonsense, and confusing.

But will this save lives?

While we may feel we are safer doing things this way, and the media seems to be only having a certain view as the correct one, we may see far more deaths.

Unless the data has changed healthy people under 70 should be safe, even elderly who are healthy should be safe. But if you slow the spread of this virus, will those who are more vulnerable have a greater chance of getting it? By this, I mean, if everybody healthy got the virus within a week, it would not spread. The vulnerable could be isolated for a few weeks, till it was over.

By slowing the virus down, we could now see this for 12 months. Are we going to isolate people for 12 months? The logic of this is that rather than the virus burn out within a few weeks, it is still around for months and months. It means vulnerable people rather than have isolation for a few weeks, will end up having to be isolated for perhaps a year if not longer. Some of these vulnerable will simply die from not going out and lack of exercise.

Unlike burning it out after a few weeks, having this last months, means that the vulnerable will be more as risk of getting it.

The next problem is all those who in the next few months, find they have early signs of cancer, yet may have problems seeing a doctor. Or indeed other health problems. We may find thousands of people facing death, as they are not seen and treated at the early stages.

Then comes the effect a dead economy will have. Many businesses will go bust, even after the virus has past. As people have less money, or unemployed, they will spend less, and so a chain ration of business closing. Goods may not be supplied to businesses. Not to mention a drop in tax. The result will be, many thousands of people loosing everything. House prices may crash. The result of unemployment will be depression. Suicide may become rather common as a result, with people heavily in debt and seeing no way out, especially if debt collecting agencies go after debts.

While after the virus is over, we may have a country with people who have money and others who are in huge debts. And others who are fine because they have never worked, and so will loose nothing. It is likely to create a lot of anger and resentment. This could result in an increase in crime and assaults.

While some businesses function during this Corona virus situation. Some will start to run out of supplies. For instance, builders, who are working at the moment, are finding suppliers have closed. Some supplies will come from outside the UK, and these may now have shut down. Drivers themselves may become too ill to drive, or indeed opt to stay at home.

The ultimate problem with a slow virus spread, is that if few get the virus, at some point, it may (probably will) re-enter the UK again, and do we shut the UK down again, and again, each year? And what if it mutates, like the Spanish Flu, where the second and third wave was a far more deadly version.

To put simply, my argument is that, we may have been better off and save far more lives, by isolating the vulnerable for a few weeks, and at the same time expose as many healthy people to the virus as you can as quickly as you can, to burn the virus out.

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