The #BorisTheRacist on twitter

On twitter today people are posting #BorisTheRacist.

I pointed out to many of those posting this, that they were being racist themselves [LINK].

One person called me a moron, plus a few other names. I pointed out that I am dyslexic and what she had done sounded very much anti disabled.

I found a lot of people got upset that they were being accused themselves of being racist or anti disabled by myself.

If you state a white person cannot give certain views, then you are a racist. If you state a black person can use the ‘N’ word, but a white person cannot, then you are a racist.

It is interesting that they deem it as acceptable to call others racist, but get upset by them being called racist. I pointed out that it was not very nice being accused of being a racist, and perhaps they should consider this when they next feel they have the right to call anyone they wish a racist.

But then again, time after time, all I find on twitter is Labour supporters being abusive and full of hate.