In the last few days we see lots of people including famous people take part in ‘The big sleep out’.

Would it not be simply better if reach of those people gave a room to someone homeless, rather that sleep outside for a night that does nothing except give them a sense of being important.

This fake pretence they care, seems no more than a publicity stunt. I could be wrong, but if they cared, would they not let one of these people live with them?

If I see a dog for instance that looks lost, I will phone the owners (if it has a contact number on) or take it to a vet to be scanned for a chip. I do not sit on the streets in solidarity for the dog, as I do not think that would help in any way.

For a lot of people, who live on the streets. It is more than just giving them a home or cash. Many suffer from many problems. Some have mental health, some have drugs problems, some have leaning disabilities.

As a student nurse, one chap I looked after, would sleep often on the streets. He had a nice house. I and I do mean a nice house with a garden, in a nice area. But he had learning disabilities and had been abused as a child. For whatever reason, he found comfort being on the streets, than in a warm house of his own.

In truth, if it was me (and probably you dear reader), if you became homeless, you would go live with a relative or friend. Indeed if worse came to worst, I am sure (as I would), you would find an empty house and stay in it.

To live on the street, therefore, one must presume that the person is not healthy. Mentally and at some point his or her physical health will reduce.

This makes looking after those living on the streets more complex.

Perhaps, in order to help these people, we need to section people under the mental health act, in order to get them into safety. For some will need medical care.

It is also important that care and help is provided if they have pets such as dogs. Some it has been reported have refused housing as they were not allowed to take there dogs. And as a dog lover myself, I would prefer to live on the streets in the cold that to be parted from them.