The BBC News seems to have hidden the news

I had a look today on the news websites.

You would think that riots in London would be front page of the BBC as they were on most other UK news websites.

The Daily Mail reports: Ten police officers are hurt in clashes at Black Lives Matter protest including woman PC hospitalised when her horse bolted – after tens of thousands gathered peacefully despite pleas for social distancing {LINK].

Yet the BBC hides these events in this news post:

BBC : George Floyd death: Thousands turn out for UK anti-racism protests [LINK].

If you look hard you will see a few lines:

BBC home affairs correspondent Tom Symonds said the protest was largely over when missiles and fireworks were thrown at a police line.

Police horses were used to regain control, but one horse galloped ahead and its rider fell to the ground after hitting her head on a traffic light. Her injuries are not life-threatening, the Metropolitan Police said.

Fourteen people were arrested and 14 officers were injured after a smaller group became “angry and intent on violence”, the force added.

A rather muted reporting of events that most of us have seen on such as Twitter.

Even those who are not pro police have got very upset and distressed to see a horse being hurt.

Why is the BBC hiding such a story away?

Is the BBC this WOKE that even the news has to be WOKE?

Can one trust news by the BBC when it reports news with this method of reporting?

One wonders what other stories the BBC has given us in a WOKE method?

I have never cared if the BBC is bias. It often has amused me that the left claim the BBC is right wing. And those on the right claim the BBC is left wing. But I do expect the news to be reported, and not hidden away, and certainly not reduced to make the situation not sound as bad as it was.

I have no idea how the BBC reported it on the TV stations, as I have stopped watching the BBC many years ago, as I found the quality has long gone. Where once it had the best comedies, these are replaced by WOKE drivel, that is no more than a tic box exercise. Rather than get great acts, who have had years to polish there art, the BBC now seems to grab anyone who has just started comedy, and put them on TV if they are female/black/disabled/gay/lesbian. It is unfair to both them and the viewer. It is unfair to them as they could go around the country, improving there act, finding what works and does not work for them. Many of these comedians could have become great comedians or writers. But sadly they are pushed onto TV and have no chance to develop there art. The result is, rather unfunny comedians that only the happy clapping virtue signaling morons pretend to find funny.

But in truth it is not just the BBC I no longer watch. Most UK terrestrial stations are also rather dull these days.

Even those who had talent, now seem to want to become WOKE in order to stay on the gravy train. One wonders what made Keith Lemon degrade and humiliate himself by claiming he offended people [LINK]. The only people that seem offended by him, are his fans (such as myself) who find it disgusting that he stated he was sorry for playing ‘offensive’ black characters. I presume he is saying I am a racist for finding these crazy characters he created funny. Of course, if he feels he was in the wrong, I presume he will be giving all profits he made from the show to Charity.

Over the last few days we have seen the credibility of many fall, such as Piers Morgan who was for weeks telling us not to go out, and condemned an MP for going to the protest, then suddenly when his son went, his views changed [LINK]. Jeremy Corbyn and other Labour MP’s who claim to love the NHS and how we should not go out to protect it, then seems to say it is fine to mix in a protest [LINK]. All these people expose themselves to pointless meaningless virtue signaling people. Not to mention those who fail to see the irony in kneeling down [LINK].

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