The BBC must want you to cancel your TV licence

Little Britain pulled from iPlayer and Netflix because ‘times have changed’ [LINK]

If like me, you loved Little Britain, then the BBC must think we are racists, after all why else would they remove Little Britain unless they view the show as a racist show, and as such those who enjoyed it as racists.

The removal angered some fans, with one viewer saying people should be able to make their “own choices”.

But others have expressed unease about watching sketches which featured the comedians wearing make up to portray different races.

I presume they must have a TV that does not let them choose what to watch. The TV my friend has, lets you choose what to watch. Indeed, even as a child in the 1970’s, we have some clever tech called buttons on our TV that let you choose different stations to watch. I presume these people have no ability to choose different things to watch.

I hate football, so I do not watch it. Problem solved.

Follow this link to declare that you no longer need a license [LINK].

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