The BBC is defeating itself

I have posted this vid of Bottom live, so you can see what great comedy used to be, before we moved to the bland, dull, tick box, drivel we have today. And why people no longer bother with the BBC, or indeed even talk about the shows anymore.

I have stated why the BBC licence needs to be scrapped [LINK].

The problem we now have with the BBC in this communist style model, where people people fund the BBC regardless if they consume the content they put out or not, is that the content is now poor.

I was at my friends house and I clicked on this BBC comedy show on the BBC Player [LINK]. The acts or comedians on this show, are weak. Compare these to those comedians in the 70’s, and 80’s, and 90’s. And the difference is clear. In this show, what we have is basically no more than people chatting. An example of one of the jokes is one where the lady states that when she was young, to get a dog you would find one with no collar on, and then grab it. This, is what we have today as breaking ground comedy.

The BBC link, describes the show as ‘Stand-up comedy from some of the country’s funniest and most established performers, recorded live in one of Scotland’s truly spectacular theatres’. Followed by, ‘This episode features some of the best comedians that Scotland has ever produced. Fred MacAulay shares his love of Perthshire, while Leith resident Jo Caulfield refuses to stand for any nonsense from anyone.

Compare this show to that of Billy Connolly, Stanley Baxter, and probably the best Scottish comedian of our age, that being Jerry Sadowitz. I have only named Scottish comedians in this as the show was Scottish and I believe only fair to state other Scottish comedians, rather than list UK and USA ones.

The BBC used to have pride in its content, today it is clearly ore interested in simply taking on those who tick the boxes, and offend no one. In other words bland is king.

However does the BBC have any option to produce bland, non challenging content?

As long as it pumps out endless bland politically correct dull shows, it cannot be accused of the crime of offence. This way those who support the BBC will keep backing the BBC up, in the endless pursuit of the great experiment, of  the belief that such content will change the world.

The problem is, most people find such content dull, and so simply pay for such as Netflix, or/and play computer games.

At the point, the entertainment industry was  driven by a market force. One that meant comedians would have to push themselves to be the best they could be. The result was that this produced some of the most fantastic comedy going.

This is why I suggest that scrapping the BBC licence is needed. By doing so, the BBC will be forced to produce content that people want to see. This will mean ignoring the tiresome left wing trolls, who find fault with everything they can, and who are offended on behalf of everybody else. The result would be quality content. Once the BBC produces quality content, then they would generate far more income (such as from people paying to watch online), that can go into producing more content.

With comedy, the result would be going back to a time when the best were put on TV, rather than being selected because you tick a certain box.

Today, it would seem, that rather than demand the best, the demand is for the least offensive content one can create.

We see this with most content the BBC puts out. At one time even on a low budget, the Dr Who shows were incredibly exciting. Today we get bland rubbish, that are slated online. The new female Dr Who, rather than being a dramatic change in the TV world, is no more than a forgettable character. If I was a happy clapping extreme left wing, feminist, I would be rather disappointed in this character. It would be like expecting a sports car for your birthday, and finding what you in fact get, is a pair of used socks, not even your size.

One suspects that today, the BBC would not commission shows such as ‘The Young Ones’, as they would fear a backlash on Twitter. Indeed could one imagine the BBC commissioning today ‘Fawlty Towers’, with accusations of being racist towards the Spanish, and so on. Not to mention sexual abuse, as in one episode he grabs a lady’s breast in the belief it was a light switch. Such shows would today have days of the left wing freaking out on Twitter, how offended they were, followed by every talk show discussing the merits, and those who deemed the show as being acceptable would be automatically labeled racist and sexist, and demands would be to block them from social media and universities.

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