The BBC informs us if you believe all lives matter then your a bad person

Before I start, I just would like to say, unlike a lot of the comedians on the BBC who seem to lack the ability to be funny, that Romesh Ranganathan is one of the ones I like. I would possibly suggest that he is more a presenter than a comedian, and does well on the shows he presents.

I was at my friends and was seeing what was on Iplayer. It seemed to have nothing worth watching, and most seemed to be repeats. But I noticed The Ranganation Series 2: Episode 5 [LINK].

It is one of these dreadful formats where rather than being in a studio, everybody looks to be on Skype and the natural way people communicate feels false. It is down to this lock down thing. We have to pretend that these people have spent the last few weeks inside and never going out, while one suspects they have been out all day with friends, and will be after the recording of the show. But lets keep pretending.

But on this show Romesh Ranganathan did a rather odd lecture at the start of the show on black lives matter, then went on to suggest that it was wrong to believe that saying all lives matter is wrong (but he then did say it was correct). He did not look comfortable saying this. He also seemed to suggest that if you believe all lives matter (as I do), then you were a bad person.

The example to show why you should not believe all lives matter but instead all black lives matter was on the lines of being in a burning building, and saying that the sandwich on a table in a room in the building will be damaged. This he claimed was the same as saying all lives matter.

I am probably rather stupid, but I simply do not get the similarities.

I say all lives matter in the same way I say we should have equality.

To me saying only black lives matter is no different to saying black people should stay one side of the bus to white people.

Having a belief that only one race of life matters, does not make it correct if it is a black life or a white life.

It is also a strange narrative to have, to suggest that if your black in the UK then you are at risk from being murdered each day by white people, as the BBC seems to have reported [LINK].

But one could have sympathy for this view if black people in the UK have never murdered white people (Lee Rigby) or assaulted them such as the police have been assaulted [LINK].

Is it not the case that most black murders seem to be black on black murders. How often do we see almost daily in London, black people murdering black people, many seem to be young children. Who would you fear most in London, a white person, a policeman, or a black drug dealer running around shooting people?

But clearly the BBC views me as a bad person as I believe in equal rights for all, and that includes all lives matter. So I will not watch nor pay for the BBC again.

I am sorry BBC that you find my views so vile.

But regardless of your bullying, I shall always believe all lives matter.