The 1998 Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court and wearing face masks

I am fully aware that the lockdown will and has meant people will die from not getting such as cancer treatment as well as killing themselves because they find life not worth living.

Many elderly will die because they are so depressed by not seeing family members.

I have over the last few months had conversations with smug left wing middle class people who think they shoud ‘follow orders’ even though many admit they do not believe the orders are any use and many understand that non medical face masks will do very much.

Yet they claim they must follow orders, while one presumes they will also claim to be so clever as not to have followed orders in Germany that mean the death of many Jews.

And yet at the same time we see many who are happy to follow orders knowing that many will die from the lockdown.

It is the question is if we know many will die because of the lockdown (we could be talking about many millions over the next few years) are those who are complicit in following these orders guilty of following orders een thought they are fully area of such actions will result in many deaths.

Superior orders, often known as the Nuremberg defense, just following orders, Due Obedience, or by the German phrase Befehl ist Befehl (“an order is an order”), is a plea in a court of law that a person, whether a member of the military, law enforcement, a firefighting force, or the civilian population, should not be considered guilty of committing actions that were ordered by a superior officer or official.


By refusing to wear a mask that as of yet I have not seen evidence that non medical masks do anything more than make you look foolish, am I not in the legal right if I believe by doing so I am also complicit in the deaths of many?

One also wonders if these non medical masks people wear are safe. By this one wonders if people are doing no more than breathing in dust and fluff, and may find in later years they have lung problems. I say this as I put some tape on a friends mask, and as I lifted it off, it was full of particles.