Stupid is as stupid does

If you believe that anyone who thinks that all lives matter is a raciest, then you are rather stupid.

Clearly you think that your being clever by saying this as your repeating what someone else has said.

But when you state publicly that you think people are in the wrong who are saying people are equal.

If you believe that only black lives matter, then you are the raciest as you believe one group is more important than another group.

But you are stupid, and most people believe in equality.

People have been fighting for years for equality, and we have no interest in silly think people who want to end equality.

All lives matter.

People who do not believe all lives matter are racists.

But feel free to carry on, and go on your little protests with your other silly friends, shouting and screaming at each other, as if you notice, no one else is out listening, no one is interested. All your doing is vandalizing the area you live in, and making police babysit you, while they should be out protecting people from real crimes.

The ONLY people who support your silly child like views are your other silly little thick friends.

By the way, lots of black elderly people are at home in fear near your silly protests, as they are scared you will burn there homes down. Do those black lives matter to you?

But carry on, as we all know this is no more than to get a bit of fame on Instagram for you.

It is about time someone told you the truth, rather than pandering to your childish behavior.

While you have probably been told all your life your a winner or winner and all the other nonsense schools tell children these days. In truth your not special, no one is interested in your childish views, and your just making a fool of yourself. One suspects in ten years time you will look back and will regret how foolish you made yourself look.

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