So people have now looked at the Black Lives Matter website

Sky Sports pundit Patrice Evra led the way in DITCHING Black Lives Matter badge just before last night’s show and Jamie Redknapp followed his lead as Premier League distances itself following group’s extreme statements [LINK]

Black Lives Matter UK criticises Labour Leader Keir Starmer for dismissing calls to defund the police [LINK]

For weeks now, anybody who stated that Black Lives Matter had very little to do with improving black lives, but was no more than a front for left wing ideology that included getting rid of the police was branded a raciest.

I myself was banned from a webmaster forum [LINK] for posting this post [LINK]. Many on the forum liked my post (you have a like option), but those who run the adult webmaster forum, proved to be cowards and against free speech. I have no respect for them now and they can never claim to be on the side of free speech. But that is up to them.

Many who took the knee [LINK] now look foolish, yet it was clear on the UK black lives matter website what they were realy about. Even the black lives matter representative stated what they were about [LINK].

Keir Starmer has made himself look a complete twit now, after kneeling, then to have to say getting rid of the police is wrong. Yet because he took the knee, he was seen to be backing scrapping the police.

Now many others have bothered to look at the website and have found that by supporting black lives matter they are supporting scrapping the police and no longer wish to be associated with anything so stupid.

Getting rid of the police is something a two year old may think is a good idea, but for any adult to say get rid of the police, is rather embarrassing.

We even have seen the results of getting rid of the police in CHAZ or CHOP where it would seem people are shooting at each other almost each day and we hear of reports of rape.

Those football players and TV presenters and MP’s who still back Black Lives Matter must presumably be supporting getting rid of the police.

Evidence of Black Lives Matter wanting to get rid of the police [LINK].

And the UK police seem rather stupid to publicly back a group wanting to get rid of them [LINK].

And this lady seem to think if you do not support Black Lives Matter then you are EDL [LINK].