Should Brexit remainers vote Conservative in the UK election?

I am myself a remainer.

The reason being is that no one has yet given me a reason to leave.

Now I am not a Conservative (if I voted, it would probably be for the Green party), but I now think voting Conservative is the only logical position, for anyone who is pro or anti Brexit.

This may sound odd, but I shall explain.

The country (UK) is split at the moment with remainers and leavers.

Let’s look at two options.

(1) We remain

The reality is this will mean years and years of anger from leavers. We will see the Brexit part start up (or some version of it). And all we will hear for years and years is Brexit, and how people want to leave. MP’s will be hated. And we may start to see real right wing extremist parties pop up.

(2) We leave

If we leave the country will do well, or fail. I personally think things will go bad. At this point, one suspects people will think being in the EU is a good thing, and even the leavers may have a change of belief.

If things go well, then the remainers (like me) are proved wrong and everything is fine.

But at least if we leave, it will stop the split in the country.

I suggested this to a chap while walking the dogs, and he said, but if things go wrong, people may loose jobs and be worse off if we were to leave. I replied to him, by stating, they voted for it, and so if things go wrong, they are responsible for there own actions. If you accept democracy, you have to accept that people may vote for things that may harm them.

This is also a change in my beliefs. Up to a few weeks ago, I did think the best solution was voting Lib Dems, on the basis that it would be a vote to remain. But sadly, I think remaining will do more harm. And certainly the Labour position on Brexit is nonsense (if your pro or anti Brexit, why would you vote Labour?).

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