Sadiq Khan: Words like “thuggery” shows a lack of emotional

Sadiq Khan is correct, we should not be using words such as thuggery to describe thugs who vandalize property, and assault the police and police horses.

we need to give these thugs support and not report on the news that they are doing crimes, as clearly they are not responsible for there actions.

It is important that they are granted privileges that other people do not have. If you are me smash something up we would be arrested, but these are left wing thugs so they need to be let off.

I have a feeling that Mr Sadiq Khan may not be elected mayor of London again.

Should he be stating that all black people feel this way, as many appear not to agree with these protests.

Perhaps he should be saying some of these people feel this way, rather than boxing everybody in together and claiming they all feel this way.

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