Review: Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special

Review: Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special

Normally I would not bother doing a review of a TV or Film, as to be honest I cannot be bothered.

Plus the fact that I have not watched the BBC or indeed ITV or CH4 for several years.

I used to be a huge TV fan, but I find these days they just put dull rubbish on.

I was surprised when I looked on the Radio Times website, that the BBC had nothing on all day worth bothering with. Yet, there was a time when on Christmas day, you would find all the channels were full of stuff worth watching all day long.

Now Gavin & Stacey Christmas Special by the unfunny comedian James Corden has been promoted as this great comedy that would leave us in hysterics, so I thought I would watch.

The show turned out to be 60 mins of the dullest rubbish going.

The show had some charm ten years ago, but as the cast look old and middle aged, the charm has long gone.

Of course on twitter we have people who clearly are easily pleased. One person wrote ‘Gavin and Stacey producing the goods yet again. Say what u want about James Cordon but the bloke knows how to write good comedy ‘. In what sense was this comedy? It did not seem to have jokes.

One suspects that the ones who were laughing were James Cordon & Ruth Jones who were paid to write this dull story.

In case you have not seen it. This is the story.

Gavin and family go to Stacey’s for Christmas. Stacey says lush, and is upset that Gavin did not have sex with her (that was as much as she had in the show). Gavin, eats crisps with Stacey after standing outside with her (that is as much as Gavin did in the show).

The show should have been called the Neil and Nessa show.

But even then, all we had was, they went to the pub, had Christmas dinner next day, and Nessa tells Neil she loves him.

At the pub, the writers seemed to think using a slur to offend the gay community was rather witty, while at the same time, telling us it is wrong to mock fat people.

Well if you want to see how the BBC wastes the licence fee, this show was a great example.

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