RE: Gail Dines on “Fifty Shades of Grey”

Fifty Shades of Grey is a book written by E. L. James (a female writer) selling 125 million copies worldwide, and one suspects to a mainly female readership.

These books, destroy the myth that those who are against porn, portray porn as something made by men and consumed by men, when in this case it is a female writer, who seems to have a mainly female readership.

Gail Dines in this clip seems to suggest that BDSM is linked to domestic abuse.

One suspects that domestic abuse and BDSM have no connection.

The website ‘’, a site dedicated to help people with domestic abuse, seems to suggest that no connection can be made.

They state “Abuse is about one partner gaining and maintaining power and control over another, whereas healthy BDSM relationships revolve around a consensual power exchange”.

Healthy BDSM Relationships Are Possible

It could be argued that Gail Dines is putting women (and men) at risk, as they may believe that if there abusive partner is not into BDSM, then they may think they are not in an abusive relationship, and so may stay with the abuser.