Racism will always exist as long as people believe life in left wing ideology

The left wing ideology only lives due to division and hate.

We now have division and hate because of the left who have used the black community (and I do mean used) to protest and riot.

This is the latest hate, as the left failed to divide countries on the last division of hate, which was to put rich against the poor.

For several years in many countries, the left fed us hate for the rich, telling us how we should hate anyone with wealth.

The UK Labour even had this hate in its slogan ‘For the many not the few’. In other words we are against the ‘few’. That should have frightened many. At the same time UK Labour appeared to do very little with any anti Jewish hatred within the party. Compare that of today with the message from Labour telling us how racism exists today, and how we all need to ask ourselves questions.

One of the first things Jeremy Corbyn did when he came leader of the UK Labour part was to try to divide the nation. It seemed strange at the time to publicly attack on Sir Richard Branson with Virgin trains [LINK]. Why target Richard Branson when the public like Richard Branson? But then, the more you think about it, of course you would, if your trying to turn people against the rich, you need to make sure there are no rich people to like. So why would you not aim to turn people who are rich and well liked into people to hate. Once you do that, it makes hating the rich easy.

From now on, we will be fed information about racists. The left will feed out everybody they can and get them to tell us about there racist experiences, even if they were from the 1960’s.

They will get schools to be race aware.

The key is to get people talking about race, as this feeds the belief that the UK is racists.

At the same time the left will create hatred. They will stoke up those morons who are classed as being on ‘the right’. They will call them thugs and encourage them to course violence, while at the same time, will not report any violence from those on the left, or if they do, they will play it down.

The middle classes will absorb it, like zombies. They are already kneeling down, and kissing peoples feet and saying sorry for things they have not done.

This is how the left ideology lives, via hate, under the pretense it is about kindness.

It is no different to the left wing lies that claim they help the poor. They do not. They lock people into poverty with benefits, that people can never leave. The more benefits you give people the more people become dependent upon them. And once people depend upon benefits, they have no option but to vote left wing, or face loosing benefits.

Of course a few do manage to escape the benefits trap, and these will be the poster child of the left, to pretend that the left wing ideology works.

But most cannot escape. Rather than escape they are encouraged to fall deeper into the benefits system. Have children they are told as it will get you more money and a free house. Become ill and we will give you more money, so they are encouraged to sit at home, smoke and eat (junk food), become ill, in order to get more benefits. Often this also leads to depression and onto self medication with drugs and drink.

What the left do is evil. It is not kindness.

Those who speak out, the left will try to shut down by calling them right wing or/and a Nazi. And yet the Nazis were the the same side of the coin, they too used hate and division in the same way as the left do. The only difference being the Nazis did not follow Marx in the same way. They followed the ‘Superman’ belief/ideology instead.

Just try not to fall for this new hatred, created in the last few weeks by the left wing. Stop being fed this lie we are in a racist country. This is how the left lives within the evil of hate.

Black votes matter to many politicians — more so than black lives. That is why such politicians must try to keep black voters fearful, angry and resentful. Racial harmony would be a political disaster for such politicians.

– Thomas Sowell

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