Quibi the new entertainment app (coming to the USA soon)

Quibi the new entertainment app (coming to the USA soon)

Quibi is a new app, that is a bit like Netflix, but app based on your mobile or tablet (from what I have read) and clips ten minutes or less.

The date that is on the BBC site is 6th April (I presume 2020) when this app goes live.

Quibi I believe is supposed to be short for Quick Bites. Yes, the name is not great.

At the time I post this, it seems that the service will not be free but about $4.99 with adverts each month, and $7.99 without adverts.

It is said that they have raised one billion for content.

One gimmick (that I think may become interesting for ten seconds) is the ability to go from horizontal to vertical and have different footage. Unless someone has a great idea for this, it seems more of a gimmick that will just make larger film files than need be.

It will be interesting if this app flops or is a success.

The first problem they will have is publicity. One suspects if they had opted for a free version with adverts, it would work better, as people would see the shows and tweet about them.

I suspect that they may have a few problems:

  1. Phone only. I think people will also want to see the content on a TV and computer, not just a mobile.
  2. No free version. A free version would get people tweeting others and as such free publicity. They may end up having to spend millions to publicite the app and content. If free, they could probably make more money simply from adverts, as they would have a LOT more viewers.
  3. Joining. I am not sure people will bother to download the app, then mess about paying to join, when youtube, Tiktok, Instagram, Twitter and so on are free. Yes this app may have pro content on, but will that be enough to get people to want to pay?
  4. They need a lot of members in the first year. If they spend that billion on content in the first year, they need a lot of members to pay for the following years content.
  5. Ten min shows may be not enough time. I am not sure I would enjoy shows ten minutes or less. I cannot see shows that short being that great.

The big problem could be that if from day one they do not have lots of members, then advertisers may move away, and than means a loss of cash, in turn, less content, in turn, members do not join.

If it was me, I would make this free with adverts, and allow people to upgrade to add free, and as such get millions of viewers. Millions of viewers means lots of advertisers. And advertiser cash, means you can pay for more content. And great content means more viewers.

I would also have it so you can watch this on a TV and computer.

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