Pulling the slave trader statue torn down in Bristol was wrong

BBC News: Slave trader statue torn down in Bristol [LINK]

On Sunday 7th June, a group of criminals (they are criminals as they committed a crime), felt that they (being the arrogant, self centered youths of today, with no regards to anyone else) had the right to pull down a statue.

This was followed by virtue signaling celebrities, saying this was the right thing to do (in the hope it will get them a few more fans).

These criminals jumped about like some mentally deranged individuals, excited by the crime they had committed.

Personally I do not care what the statue was.

If people wanted it removed, then they should vote on it. And if the vote is to keep it up, then that is democracy.

Indeed, those who pulled the statue down and those who virtue signaled and supported this crime, can no longer claim to support democracy, nor the law. In other words they have zero credibility.

This removal of history, is no different to the book burning of the Nazis. The belief of being correct and holy just. Indeed the same people will say how those who have done the same in the past were wrong, while failing to see that they are now no different.

What we are seeing is the rise of modern Nazism. It is the same self righteous belief that they are the ones who are right, and so no need for democracy as mob rule is acceptable.

The Nazis created an invented enemy. They pretended the Jews were a problem. Today they are pretending that the UK is raciest and (as the BBC seems to even support this idea) that black people are killed each day (presumably by white people) [LINK].

This mob rule is no different to the start of the USSR, where the royal family were murdered. Again people will at the time believe this was justified (as they justify the statue being pulled down). But history shows it never stops there.

While many smug middle class will claim that they would not have been a Nazi in Germany, the same ones today kneel down in support of this new ideology.

In London, we even had the flag burning.

And yet the smug arrogant middle class morons with there virtue signaling, fail to see what is going on. Or at least choose to ignore it, and rather pretend to go along with this nonsense.

It reminds me of the children’s story of the emperor’s new clothes, where everybody can see he is naked, however everybody except a child is too cowardly to say anything. Though in today’s world, if that child spoke out, he would be bulled by the mob by people saying he was a racist.

Indeed, yesterday a chap by the name of Mr Big Pants (or something like that) claimed I was a right wing raciest. I asked for evidence and he could provide non.

It is worth taking note that they call people ‘racists’ as a form of dehumanizing and bulling. This is a left wing tactic that you will see over and over. It is a great tactic as many people fear this, and will indeed shut up or say nothing for fear of being labeled racist and the online abuse that will come from it, including possible contact to there work, and posting home address information.

Many on the left claim to be anti fascism, while in fact rather than fight fascism, will engage in the practices of fascism, such as censorship of others, removing history, bulling, and abuse.

Those that pulled the statue down and those who support it being pulled down, care nothing of other peoples views. They do not care if others want it up. Because they see others as worthless. Those who fail to share these left wing views are below contempt. The way the Nazis would view Jews with a exaggerated cartoon, in order to de-humanize the Jews, so we see today how those who are not following these extreme left wing views, are deemed not human, and as such are irreverent.

The black lives matter protests, showed the view these people have of life by assaulting police in London. These people care nothing for life, except there own.

Looking at the black lives matter posters, they have a fist held up as there logo. One cannot help to see this is close to the Nazi solute, except they held the hand out flat.

We have already seen that these left wing groups seem to favor wearing black, like the Nazis did. One wonders how long before they have a band worn around there arms.

It is no wonder that they vandalized the statue Winston Churchill as he helped defeat the Nazi system. Can one blame these people for seeing Winston Churchill as a person to hate.

Watching the vids on Twitter, with the black live matter speakers doing there speeches, one cannot help to see the resemblance of them talking nonsense in order to whip up fear and hate, and that of Hitler doing the same thing.

I am sure that Hitler would have been proud of a speech that told black people to only shop at black businesses, as Black boxer Anthony Joshua told black lives matter to avoid white owned businesses [LINK].

And yet all the happy clapping middle classes, who will tell you they would be far too clever to have supported Hitler, will follow this rubbish, and kneel down on command.

And yet, we are told these protests (riots) are supposed to help race relations. Yet, all we see is now an increased anger towards the protesters. One wonders if the aim of these protests, is no more than to inflame race riots in the next few months. Only a fool would believe these protests will result in anything good.