Prince Andrew and Jeffrey Epstein

Prince Andrew did a rather poor interview regarding Jeffrey Epstein.

However is this now going to be the decline of the Royal Family?

The Royal Family are not special. They are simply a family in the UK that gets a vast amount of money from the people of the UK, in order for them to live a wonderful life, while in the UK this winter we will have elderly who will fear putting the heat on due to the costs.

While at one time the population seemed to feel the need to have the Royal Family to law down to and grovel to as if they were gods, many of these groverling morons, have passed away. Most people simply have no interest in the Royal Family, in an age where some 8 year old on youtube will get millions of views from simply opening a box of sweets.

The queen, still is popular, as she has connections to glamour. Indeed looking at past pics of the queen, she was pure glamour and looked like a film star. But the glamour has gone.

The children of the queen seem to have no impact with many in the UK. And while many years ago, Prince William and Prince Harry were supposed to be the great replacement, both have become rather impressive.

Prince William who seems to have zero value, seems to now rely on his glamorous wife and children for the photoshoots.

While Prince Harry goes from PR disaster (such as the naked snooker or whatever it was in the USA) to the regular PR drivel we are regularly given in the UK’s press.

The rules seem to be that the press is supposed to only print groverling stories about them, and not anything negative. Should they dare do this, they pull out there ‘get out of jail’ time card, that being the claim that Princess Diana was hounded by the press. Or should anyone dare comment on Meghan Markle, they are said to be racist, even though she appears to be white.

And I am not against Meghan Markle. I like her. Though her actions seem more in line with a film star rather than a member of the Royal Family.

At this point someone will say, the Royal Family bring in millions to the UK each year. This is the line that seems to be given all the time, and most people seem to buy it, and keep stum. But is this true? Do tourists only come to the UK to see the Royal Family then fly back home again? I suspect not.

I would suspect that less than one hundred people who come to the UK come to see the Royal Family. Sure, they may take a few pics of where the Royal Family live, but they also may take pics of where they filmed a film or TV show. For instance fans of ‘Last Of The Summer Wine’, will visit the cafe near Huddersfield that the show was filmed at. Yet the government does not give the owner a few million for attracting people.

If the Royal Family no longer existed, would it affect tourists to the UK. I would suggest highly unlikely.

I predict after the Queen dies, the Royal Family will not exist. It would be unlikely that any member Royal Family would be popular as a king or queen.

I would suspect popularity started to go in the 1980’s.