Police who ‘take the knee’ have created a problem for themselves

The police in the UK have created a HUGE problem for themselves that will give them problems for years to come.

Now a chief constable ‘takes the knee’: Kent Police boss says he was ‘showing humility’ at Black Lives Matter event [LINK]

For a start Black Lives Matter want the police gone [LINK], not to mention the more time goes on, the more black lives matter seem to be no more than a group of thugs, who do not seem to (not that I have seen) publicly state the riots as being wrong, but in fact seem to advice people how to avoid being arrested [LINK].

But lets put that to one side, and good luck when the police want increase funds as one wonders if the law abiding citizens of the UK will be as supportive when they watched the police stood back and watch the criminals run riot.

Police should not be seen to be on any side in any protest. It is one thing to have the police dance and have fun in a carnival. These are not political, and seeing police be a bit daft, is probably not a bad thing, but not at a protest.

Over the years I have gone to a few protests. Many who read this blog thing may believe I am a Conservative, but I am more into green stuff and animal rights. As such i have been on animal rights protests against animal testing. This was a few years ago. This was before Instagram and so on (probably before Twitter). Those who went did so because they believed in animal rights, and not just to get a few pics for social media. The police were there. A few protesters shouted at the police. I stopped them (the protesters) and told them off as I said, the police should not have any views. It does not matter if they support animal rights, or against animal rights. They are there to protect us all. As such, you do not shout abuse at them, but just chat. They agreed I was correct (I am always correct), and things felt relaxed. I do not think the police arrested anyone, in fact from what I remember, all that happened was the police stood in line, and about 6pm we all left.

The situation now, will be, the police will now be expected by protesters to take a side.

Can you imagine how much ammunition this would give protesters? What if we have a protest about the environment, or religion, and the police do not look to show support, then the police will be made to look bad. Will the police be expected to show support for these events from now on? And what if it comes to a political event, will the police be allowed or expected to show support for certain political parties? What is the party is a hate group? How could the police now sack any police officer who shows support for some extreme racist party, when others have been allowed to show support publicly for black lives matter. I would presume that they would now have a legal case to state they have the right to publicly support who they want.

It is also odd the police are kneeling as this in some ways shows NO support for the police in the USA. If the police in the UK want to show support, should they not be showing support for the police in the USA who have been hurt or murdered during riots? Police who seem to now feel abandoned [LINK].

Police in the UK may not be perfect. But like in the USA, 99.9% are decent good people, it is the small minority who spoil things.

Perhaps the quality of the UK police has fallen, as a few years ago the police were an elite police, it was very difficult to get in. You had to be a certain size, and have certain qualifications. Today, it would seem, they will take any old rubbish as this is seen more political correct. So any weak thick person who was bullied at school can join the police. Indeed we have come across some UK police who are rather poor at there job and older police have left stating that the police are not what they once was. It is such as this the police need to look at and consider if we should go back to an elite police of quality, or stick to this political correct force, that seems to be of low quality police.

But at the same time, one should give the police a break. How often do I see some smart git, who thinks they are being rather clever, to go up to the police and tell them off for not being perfect. People forget that the police who they are telling off, may have just been dealing with a rape or murder, possibly of a child. So before you go up and start having a go at the police, one should give them some room for mistakes.

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