Please make sure you do your virtuous bit over George Floyd

Greg Glassman: Brands cut ties over CrossFit CEO’s George Floyd tweet [LINK]

If you run a business, please make sure you post about George Floyd killing.

Yes, it does sound odd that we are getting all worked up over a criminal that has committed several offences, one being (it is reported) to hold a knife to a black pregnant lady.

And yes, normally the left would be fuming about any man who put a knife to a woman, but even more so a pregnant woman, but if we did that we could not sound virtuous.

So please ignore the fact this was a criminal, and ignore the fact he put a knife to this black pregnant lady, as for some reason her life does not matter (I do not understand why, but I am not clever enough to understand, and I must look virtuous and will not question the logic in case I get abuse). Also ignore the fact that the policeman was married to someone not white so he may not have been a racist, and the other police were also not white who stood near by.

So please pretend folks that all the police involved were white and also pretend that George Floyd was not a criminal, but in fact a teacher or something who has never committed a crime in his life. That way it fits into the narrative.

Now if you run a business, you must write on your website or something how being raciest is wrong, you know as otherwise you must be a raciest.

We need to remember that all abuse is wrong, and anyone who does not post some meaningless rubbish showing how sad they are at this criminal (silly me I posted he was a criminal) being killed, we must abuse them as much as we can and call them racists and stuff like that, as that will mean we are good people or something.

Also remember it is now wrong to believe in equality because if you think all lives matter then your now a racist, and it is now all black lives matter. Even though we have aimed for equality and to treat each other the same, that is now wrong and we must treat black people differently or you are a racist.

I know it is confusing and makes zero sense, but to question this, means you are a racist.

Also, if you are white you have some sort of privilege that you do not have if you are black. So if you are white and homeless, then you are privileged, while if you are black, who has a good job, good education and lots of money, living in a nice house, then you are not privileged or something like that.

Also remember all crime has been committed by white people. No black person has ever committed a crime. Certainly no black person has ever murdered a black person, and any black person arrested is a racist act or something by the police.

We need to also know that no black person can achieve anything because of white people. I know that does not explain Barack Obama, Colonel Powell, Condoleezza Rice. It is as if they got to where they were without thinking they are victims and telling others they are victims and finding excuses not to try. It makes you think that if they can archive great things then you would think that the USA and UK is not racist. Best forget about those people as they spoil the narrative about us being racist and stuff.

Black lives matter protests are something we should support. Having the black community smash up buildings, set fire to buildings. Wreck businesses that are owned by black people. All these things will help race relations or something. I have no idea how this will help race relations or how it helps those poor black people who have lost there businesses, but I am not that smart, and others tell me this is all good stuff and this is how you stop people being racists.

I still do not understand why people are walking around with pics of George Floyd as if he is someone to look up to. You would think that having a criminal as the person you want people to associate the black community with would not be a good thing. But again I am very stupid, and not smart enough to understand these things.

Well I am sure it all makes sense to you dear readers, as I to be honest, it makes no sense to me at all. But lets be honest, if we question it, we must be racists.

So if you are a business, please make sure you have your virtue signaling statement on your business website and if not, then it must mean your a racist or something.

And if you dare think to yourself, that poor lady who must have been in fear for her life, and the life of her baby when George Floyd (it is reported) but a knife to her, then your clearly a racist and do not care about black lives, even though she was reported to be black.

Is it me, or is this whole thing a lot of old b*llocks, driven by thugs who just want to smash up towns and do not give a dam about anyone’s lives, regardless if they are black or white, and a bunch of thick sods who want to look virtuous by posting how they are anti racism and to kneel down and beg for forgiveness.

I cannot be bothered with this rubbish.

I am off to bed.

With luck it will be over tomorrow and it will be some new thing that we all need to look virtuous over. Last week it was the virus and staying in. Before that it was the environment and plastics. That did not last long as we were anti plastic, then a few days later the same people were buying as many plastic masks as they could for the virus.

Before that it was a bunch of youths pretending that they had just woke up and became a new sex, and there sex was different to everybody else’s sex. And as such they needed to be treat special.

It will be interesting to see what the next trend is we all have to follow, or be accused of being evil.