People simply do not understand what racism is

One fact that people seem to fail to understand is we are all naturally prejudice.

Most animals are programmed to be prejudice.

For instance most animals including humans will fear at seeing certain animals. So if you spotted a snake you would walk away as your instincts are to avoid danger.

Some prejudices may be programmed into you even before you are born, while others will be learnt as you grow older.

One theory, is that we are ageist because our instincts are to avoid ill people as in the past, if someone was ill, and past the illness on to you, you could die. Our brains see those who are elderly as possible ill, and so creates a warning. However we also have the ability to know that the elderly person you see has no risk to you.

in the same way, we have an inbuilt safety of viewing people from other villages or countries as a danger as years ago someone in a village a few miles away may try to kill you. In the same way, if you came across an animal you had not seen before, you would be weary in case its aims were to eat you. Once you know the animal is safe, then fear goes.

This is something all humans have built into them, so when someone claims they are not racist or prejudice then they are not being honest with themselves.

For instance, if you spotted someone running around screaming, with a gun, you will presume danger, and hide. it is unlikely that even the most political correct person would stand and think to him or herself that they should not hide as this would mean endorsing a stereotypical view of someone running around with a gun as someone dangerous.

Often when someone is has racist beliefs about other people, it is often the case that they are in a community where there are very few if any of the other community they have beliefs about. An example being, in a city where you may have people of different communities living and working together, one may expect less prejudice beliefs than say in a community that is not mixed. Many years ago I did a shoot in a studio in a farm. The farmer lived miles from anyone. He said he was glad no Asians lived near him. It was shocking to hear, but then I thought, this chap may never have met anyone Asian ever, and he would only view Asians from what he sees on the news. A smart arse left wing person, may jump up and down and scream racist at him, but I took the view that if I had lived on a farm and miles from the city and never met anyone who was not white, would I also feel the same way as this chap did. I could not help to think that it is easy to call people a racist without understanding how they obtained such views. Plus did his views affect anyone else?

We hear a lot these days about racial profiling by the police, but in truth they will target anyone who they feel could be a criminal. I get stopped by the police many times. I am white but have a bit of a chav look. I do not object, as I would stop me too if I was the police.

Profiling people is something that often works. For instance I used to do sales door to door, and very soon, you can profile people on just what the outside of the house looks like. I used to have a game where I would say the age of the person who lived at the house, plus hobbies and if they worked and social background. I even would suggest what there name was. I would suggest it is the same trick that the clairvoyance use when they pretend to speak to the dead.

So if the police are in a community that for instance has a high crime rate from such as the black community, it is understandable that they will stop those who they feel may be criminal. Of course they will not get it correct every timer, however, while the news will report how an innocent black person was stopped, it is often not the case they will report how many were stopped who turned out to be criminal. And rather than being angry at the police, perhaps people should be angry at the minority of black people who commit the crime and give the community a bad name. In the same way, a minority of travelers/gypsy’s (I do not believe the word gypsy is derogatory and if you feel it is derogatory does not mean I should also see it as derogatory) give the travelers/gypsy community a bad name.

Are those who see race all the time the real racists? [LINK]

Do racists exist? [LINK]

It also seems that (from looking at the news) that outside of London, crimes by black people are almost none, while for some reason, we often hear in London of black on black murders and stabbings almost daily. Clearly when people say it is because of poverty, that can not be the case as London would seem to be far richer than other large black communities in other parts of the UK.

In truth the UK and USA are not racist countries.

In truth, in recent years the only people I have heard see people as race are such as the black lives matter supporters and those on the extreme left, who view people in terms of race, sex, sexuality, rather than people or individuals.

Those on the left seem to view such as the black community as extremely inferior, by wanting them to have privileges such as being given university placements or jobs because they may have darker skin than others. In the same way the left wing view females as inferior by insisting the women gets jobs on the basis of being female. They will even clearly admit to this being prejudice by calling it positive discrimination!!!

We can see how deluded the left wing are by those who still believe removing statues of people no one has ever heard of and no one has cared ever about will end racism.

Black Lives Matter: Cardiff taskforce to tackle racism [LINK]

That said, this is Wales, a country that seems to spend a fortune on protecting a rather dead language that seems to be spoken by only a handful of people in Wales as a hobby. Yet almost all signs in Whales seem to have both welsh and English versions. How many millions they waste on propping up this hobby language would be interesting. It would be like England having Klingon translations on all the singes in England. One wonders if more people speak Klingon in Wales they they do Welsh as i have yet to find any Welsh person speak this vile sounding language.

The 2011 census reported there were 18,276 Welsh African people, amounting to 0.6% of the Welsh population


If the population is only 0.6% then if they are going to play at some silly game of getting the correct number of councillors and council staff [LINK], then they may be forced to sack some black staff if they are found to have more than 0.6% of the staff being black.

Presumably they will have to employ x amount of people on the basis they like to eat pizza, to make sure that pizza lovers are represented correctly. They must employ too criminals to represent the criminals in the community. They must make sure that they have dog and cat lovers correctly represented as well on staff. it becomes nonsense, and simply shows that they have nothing better to do than ‘play’ silly games at pretending they make a difference.

You see, it is by the nature of things racist to claim that getting a few black people on the staff means they represent the black community. For instance, if they take on left wing black people, they may not represent many of the welsh black community if the Welsh black community are Conservative. It would suggest to me they must believe all black people think the same.

A few weeks ago I was listening to an interview where the interviewer asked a black lady why she was Conservative and not Labour. She stated that she felt that the white male MP’s were representative of her views and that the black female Labour MP’s did not represent her in any way. She stated that you do not need to be black and female to represent her views.

Butetown councillor Saeed Ebrahim, who will chair the taskforce, said he wanted to “tackle and find solutions for the discrimination and disadvantages faced by the BAME community in Cardiff”.


It is interesting that such ‘taskforces’ always seem to be given to someone black, because the left clearly believe only someone black can do such a job. It does not matter if they had someone white who may be more qualified, the fact is the left view someones skin color as a qualification in itself.

But does the fact that Saeed Ebrahim is a Councillor prove that Whales is not racist? It would be unlikely that he became a councillor on the vote from the ‘BAME’ community (BAME, another left wing buzz word, that has no more function that to separate and divide communities) alone, as clearly there would not be enough BAME people. So clearly the white community voted for him.

By the way, if we are going to remove statues of slave owners, then we need to remove everything the Romans did in the UK. Rename anything the Romans named. Pull town all roman buildings. I think the wall around York is roman, so we best pull it down. I have now like the black lives matter protesters, become clearly offended by anything Roman, as they invaded England and had something to do with slavery.

Slavery is something most countries have been involved with at some point in history [LINK].

Now we have had all the white people bow down and say they are sorry for the past history of slavery, one presumes that the black community will now be expected to bow down and say sorry for being black in case they have had any connections to the the slavery of the English by Barbary pirates from years past. If those who are black today can claim to be affected by slavery from years ago, then the rules should apply to others, and so today clearly my life has been affected by the Barbary pirates and I need to be compensated for something that may have happened many years ago.

Also many years ago I believe my ancestors were the first to go to the USA, thousands of years before any native Americans came. and my ancestors were thrown out when the native Americans went to that country. So by rights, I should be given the whole of the USA back to me.

US Supreme Court rules half of Oklahoma is Native American land [LINK].

I must remember to send a letter to the USA pointing out that I believe my ancestors arrived before the Cherokee and so on arrived. If you hand over the USA to me I am sure it will help me get over my ‘historical trauma’.

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