People (probably on the left wing) are angry at #WeWillNotComply on twitter

People (probably on the left wing) are angry at #WeWillNotComply on twitter

This chap sates you are a c*nt for posting #WeWillNotComply on twitter [LINK]. One suspects he is on the left as he views others being lower than himself, and as we know, those on the eft believe they are better than others.

While he (like many others) sit smug tying on twitter how great they are because they follow orders without questioning them (in the same way those in the Nazi party during WWII carried out certain orders and also did not question them or refuse to obey), they may stop for a moment and understand that is is believed in just the London area 37 people kill themselves on average each day at the moment, and it is suspected this is due to the lockdown [LINK]. So who knows how many in total in the UK, not to mention those who will die from not getting such as cancer treatment.

You see, I object to the lockdown as I do not want to see people kill themselves, or loose jobs and so on.

One wonders too if those who post #WeWillNotComply are also good kind people who do not want to see people die.

One wonders if those who object to #WeWillNotComply in fact are not good people, but people who get a kick from knowing people are dying.

And if you think a lockdown saves lives, then please look at Sweden. Of course you will probably say Sweden is different because … (people seem to have many rather poor excuses why Sweden is coping). Many months back when I posted on twitter Sweden was fine, the smug lockdown lovers said in a few months they would have huge deaths. Yet they never did.

The lockdown probably will not save many lives if any, and may only slow the spread of the virus down a few days.

Is the lockdown with people loosing jobs and lives for?

I presume if you enjoy watching people suffer, then I understand why you want a lockdown.