Nuclear war will never happen

The nuclear weapon is now old.

It was used during World War 2.

Since then a lot has changed.

For a start, nuclear weapons are not guaranteed to work. If country X did fire one on country Y, a huge risk is it simply does nothing, and country X is then blown away in retaliation. For this reason, it is unlikely most countries (especially small ones) would risk using nuclear weapons.

In today’s world, we have very fast missiles that can lock onto a nuclear weapon and knock it out of the sky, not to mention fast planes and weapons we probably have not been told about. If country X fired a nuclear weapon to country Y, and it was some distance, the chances are it would be blown out of the sky. I reality, the best solution is sneaking up with a submarine and getting as close to the country as possible.

The ONLY countries that would have a chance of a nuclear war, are the very large countries (USA, Russia, China as examples). The cold war is long over, and each year these countries are getting richer. The chance of any of these countries looking at war ever again, is as likely as the moon being made out of cheese. The biggest danger we face is when the Russians sail past the UK with one of there ships throwing out black smoke, and polluting the air.

Nuclear weapons are many times more powerful than the ones used in World War 2. A war would end life on earth. Only someone who is insane would ever consider starting a nuclear war. Any country starting a nuclear war, would be vaporized moments later in retaliation.

Although they say such as the UK prime minister has the power to start a nuclear war. One wonders if any General (or any top serving military position) from any country would comply. Most Generals from most (if not all) coutries are people of great honour. A nuclear war is not an honorable war.

One also suspects modern weapons have now superseded nuclear weapons. By this, I mean modern weapons can penertratebuldings gar better than nuclear weapons.

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