Novaramedia: What Is Feminism?

The first thing to note is that they have dropped the word feminist and seem to have replaced it with the word ‘Feminism’. As I always point out, this is always middle class women, who talk about only middle class women. Working class women never appear to have any involvement with such moment.

The first sentence is ‘it is the fight for gender justice’.

This sums up modern feminists or feminism or whatever you wish to call it. It is a fight for something that was achieved in the 1980’s.

When Margaret Thatcher became the prime minister of the UK in 1979 (I think that was the year), the world had changed. Not only did this prove a women could become the prime minister, she could do without having to tell everybody she was female and to vote because she was female. At the same time, we had the birth of the word processor, this overnight scraped the army of typists, who were often (probably all) female, who many ended up setting up there own businesses or becoming managers themselves.

But for some women, they wanted to feel that they could feel important, and so some have carried on a non existent war. One where they now have to invent and makeup new threats to women, in order for them to fight. An example is manspreading, where they pretend that this is some attack on women’s spaces.

The next lady than does the next feminist modern argument. That women are weak and victims. For many working class, who for years, have worked in factories, coal mines (yes they did go down coal mines), worked on the canals and so on, may find the presumption they are weak rather foolish, if not insulting. This feeling of being a victim, is a luxury, that only middle class women can afford to have.

At about 1.30 the lady states that women have less political power, while being on a youtube vid being political. No one is preventing her from expressing her views. No one is stopping her becoming an MP. At the same time, no one has the right to be an MP, so if you are not voted to be an MP, tough.

At 1.28 she informs us women appear to be the nurses and so on. I am male and was a student nurse. I left as the female sister did everything to get me out, and stated she did not believe in male nurses. Two other female nurses (my teachers) backed her up as they were best friends.

At 1.40 she seems to suggest that it is only women who are killed by men. Women kill women, children and men as well, as well as being cruel to animals.

I had a quick look intodays news and found a mum who left her kids while she did drugs [LINK].

At 2.30 we have some odd speech about patriarchy. It is odd because she states, patriarchy but then states that not all men are involved.

Her argument is that this gives power to only a few men at the top, yet shows a pic of the queen being at the top, who, unless I am wrong, is female.

At 3.22 we have now turned this into a socialist argument. It is not fair, she suggests that some people are looking after relatives, while others are having great life styles. In other words, people make choices in life. This is the argument of envy. The same type of argument the Nazi party had that certain people were better off and that was not fair and we need to punish them.

It is worth noting that the person who is looking after the elderly may be abusing them, while the rich person on the boat may have spent most of there lives working, and sacrificing family and holidays to build up a business, as well as the fact they employ people, and so made other people better off.

Politics were you put one group against another has always resulted in a poor outcome.

At 3.51, we are shown ‘feminists’ rioting and damaging property. Apparently these are brave and wonderful women.

We are at 4.45 were the lady is now telling us, other versions of feminists are wrong, but our version is correct.

We see this with those who believe in socialism/communism. There version, is always the correct one and all other versions wrong. When I say there version, I mean the single persons view, as there version of socialism/communism is never the same as someone else’s. We see this with Labour (UK) where everybody is in disagreement with each other. As no ones version is ever the same as anybodies else’s, you have a consent state of disagreement.

At 5.21, the lady now explains that other feminists are misogynists.

So at this point, this is no longer about feminists taking on the world, but feminists attacking and disagreeing with other feminists.

At 6.01 she talks about playing by the rules, while developing her own rules that other feminists need to comply with.

So we get no real world examples, rather than theory.

They do not give us any answers, only what they see as a problem.

As I type this, the vid was posted 8th March 2020 and has 6,232 views. So as with most feminist vids, very low view count. It is as if most women are not interested.

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