Norman Brennan (London Police Officer ret 2009) states There has ‘NEVER’ I say again ‘NEVER’ been a UK Police Officer ‘Convicted’ of Murdering a Black Person in the UK.

It is interesting that the presenter has grouped ALL black people and ALL white people into two groups and claimed each group is treat differently.

He claims that ALL black people are followed around the shops, while ALL white people are not.

I am white and have been followed around shops often (as I am rather scruffy looking). I have witnessed many white people followed around shops. In fact I have never seen anyone black people followed. It seems to be scruffy ‘chav’ looking white folk who are followed.

He claims black people do not hold important positions. Barack Obama, Colonel Powell, Condoleezza Rice, are they not black then? Or what about Priti Patel in the UK government, or does she not count as she is Asian? Or how about the presenter of the sports show who is making this speech?

I have been stopped and searched by the police many times. I used to be stopped almost weekly a few years ago to see if I had insurance on my car (I have got the producers still so I can post these if people say I am not telling the truth). I no longer get stopped as the police check automatically.

The problem with these statements is the pretense these things happen to only the black community, when in fact they happen to everybody.

The truth is, I myself will be viewed worst that a well dressed black man or woman, as I dress scruffy and look like a dodgy character.

If the black community was worse off than others in the UK, it would not explain why most (if not all) those who I see homeless seem to be white. And then we are being told that those homeless white folk have a privilege over those of the black community, who are well educated, gone to one of the top universities and become such as a top barrister, doctor, or whatever. It clearly makes no sense. I am not sure those homeless white folks are feeling this privilege that they apparently have.

I was driving home this week and spotted a white chap who had been stopped by the police, as the bike was a child’s off road bike and so not legal on a UK road. He was stopped as he was committing a crime, yet if this had been a black chap being stopped, some may claim it was due to his race.