Nigel Farage quits LBC Radio show

Nigel Farage quits LBC Radio show.

Nigel Farage quits LBC Radio show ‘with immediate effect’ leaving bosses just hours to fill his slot after contract row [LINK].

See: The Debate Gets Heated over Whether Controversial Statues Should Be Removed [LINK]

Before I go on, I am not a fan of Nigel Farage, and just because I do not always agree with him, does not mean he should not have a say. Indeed, I will defend everybody to have a say, and I will never try to remove them from such as Twitter. I do not care if what you say is nice, or even if it is raciest, you have that right to say what you believe.

It seems that Nigel Farage has had problems for comparing black lives matter to the Taliban.

Both pulled down statues, both bully people to follow there ideology. So he has a point.

The lady who sounds like she is from the USA states the UK is institutionally racist, yet this is fine.

The argument clearly is not is the statues should stay or go, but if they should be removed by mob rule, or by a democratic vote.

I fail to see the lady from the USA’s point, as the first statue seemed to be pulled down not by black youths, in a symbolic way, but by a bunch of white left wing thugs, for a giggle.

Of course, such as the BBC may report it, that these thugs were simply washing the statue, and they droped it by accident, and it fell into the sea or river.

Piers Morgan sounds like a fool when he asked if Nigel Farage accepted that Hitler statues were democratically removed in Germany, if he thought that was correct. When Nigel Farage had already stated that he was not defending the statues, but the fact they were removed by mob rule and not by the vote.

It is odd how the left wing are defending criminal activities and not saying crime is wrong.

This is the hypocrisy of the left, in that it is always fine for the left to break the law, as they see themselves as correct and just.

In the same way, they can discriminate, but as long as they do it, it is fine. They call it positive discrimination. There is no such thing as positive discrimination. Discrimination is discrimination.

And so, we now have people having to leave there job, for, no more than pointing out people are committing a crime.

This is how far the modern Nazi ideology has rooted itself today in the UK. We have youths committing crimes, and not only are they given blessings from the left wing, those who condemn the crimes, now face being in trouble for speaking out.

Free speech has completely gone.

See: First statues, then TV shows, now films, next comes the book burning [LINK]

We are now at the stage we are removing any broadcaster who does not comply with the modern Nazi ideology.

Each day we are repeating the same actions as of that in Nazi Germany.

Even telling other MP’s that they should remain silent [LINK].

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