MP Jess Phillips listing women killed by men

You would have thought that Jess Phillips would not make this about men hurting women, indeed my male friend was almost killed by his female partner, and put in hospital.

We also have lesbians hurting there female partners and gay men hurting there male partners.

One fears that by stating all the time that this is women who seem to be only the victims to men, then people may be put off from contacting the police.

I myself received abuse from a female friend, who became over the years abusive and angry. She would also hit her children for very flimsy reason when I was with her. She had be assaulted at one stage after making up stories to the police (that I had evidence to prove were lies). The police took her side until she had me assaulted and I filmed it on my phone as evidence. But eve then they did not seem to want to support me in any way.

But I have seen domestic abuse done to females from males.

In two cases I found the story was the same. At first everything is nice, but over time things get worse. It starts off with ‘put downs’ to make the person feel they are not worth anything. Then more controlling, such as questioning what they are up to and who they are seeing.

At some point we see the abuse, but the victims blame themselves. They believe they were at fault and wound the thug up. I say thug, as I suspect that is all they are.

However, the thug then says how sorry they are and how they will change and a lot of drivel. The victim, I find believes him (or her), and believes they will change.

If they have there children taken from them, they then conclude they have lost everything anyway, and so may as well stay with them.

They believe they are different to the others and they they are not in a domestic relationship, but some complex one.

In truth, one suspects that the thug, has no love, for his or her partner, nor indeed for anyone or anything else. It has been said that studies have shown they will hurt animals, and often one reads how such abusers have hurt or killed a pet.

When (and if) they are charged, the ones I have seen, get six months sentences, then are rewarded with a flat. In fact one I knew was given a flat a ten minute walk from his partner who he beat up. He also was given a lot of benefits, that was used to buy drink and drugs. He pretended to be disabled in order to get disability. Even though the police had known he would walk miles to his friends to do drugs, the benefits people believed he was disabled as he would use a walking stick at the interviews. While in the same month the police had run after him to arrest him for his latest crime.

In prison, they will stay in contact with there person they beat up by using a friend in prison to contact them on his behalf.

But abuse is not just something done to women by men. It is also done to men by women (as well as men).

One should also remember that people can be victims of abuse at work too. In my case I was a student nurse, and was told by the sister who was supposed to be looking after me, that she did not believe in male nurses, and I was rubbish all the time. In the end I was forced out. But because this is the NHS, it was never investigated, even though I have over the years contacted many MP’s about this.

One wonders how many men face abuse, and even if they do contact the police, are not believed.

I know in my case I was told be a female police officer that she would charge me, if I sent her any more evidence (I had emails to prove I was the victim of my female friends abuse). In fact I do not think today I could trust the police if this happened to me again (this was not that long ago). I suspect the police (and one did state this to me) that they had automatic presumed my friend was telling the truth as she was female, and did not want to admit they had made a HUGE mistake, and so did not want the evidence as this way they could ‘cover it up’.

Those who commit domestic abuse need to have far longer than six months, and certainly I do not understand why when they come out of prison, they are housed a short walk away. The police even stood in front of me and the victim and were told that he was housed miles away and not to worry. I have yet to find who was the moron who housed him so close. It was not as if he was from the area. He had no family or connection to the area. Not only putting my friend at risk from him, but myself and others. I even had the police phone me to warn me that he was in the area and I may not be safe. So again, what moron housed him so close?

One problem too is that the victims are given hope there partners will change as they send there partners on anger management courses. These make the victims stay with there abusers as they believe they will change. These anger management courses seem to do very little if anything. One presumes very few if any of the abusers change there behavior.

Then they have meeting for the victims. All they seem to do on these is convince each other that they should stay with there partners as they may change. If anything, they seem to do more harm by encouraging people to stay with there partners.

The victims of domestic abuse are often not just those who are assaulted. But children who may be taken into care for there safety. Pets who will be exposed to the shouting, and probably ed up being hurt if not killed. Family members and friends who end up being distanced from the victim as the thug has made sure his or her partner does not go near them or contact them.

The victim, will probably if they stay with the abuser end up with very low confidence.

One thing I also observed was a ‘stockholm syndrome’ develops, where they see the abuse as love.

Just to be clear, the female friend who was abusive towards me, was not the one who was being abused. The female friend who was abusive towards me, was nice to begin with, but over the time would put me down with more and more insults, until one day she sent someone out to attack me. In my friends case, where she was abused, it appears she was not the first, he had done this to other women before, and I suspect will do this to every women he meets and pretends to have a relationship with.