Middle Class Labour MP’s told us the NHS A&E waiting times were due to government cuts

Middle Class Labour MP’s told us the NHS A&E waiting times were due to government cuts

Perhaps if some of these Labour MP’s or Labour supporters had ever bothered to go into an NHS A&E waiting area (as I have had to many times) they may have found out what is creating the problems.

It is full of people who have got drunk on nights out and ended up clogging the system up.

Just as this chap states.

Labour and Labour supporters see the NHS as a religion. Rather than fix the NHS, the answer is to throw more and more money at it.

The NHS will never be fixed.

Labour will always treat it as a socialist experiment, in order to try to prove that socialism would work.

And no other party will have the guts to try to fix it as they will be accused (by Labour) of privatizing the NHS or selling it off.

Over the years the NHS will simply collapse.

The NHS is no longer what it was meant to be.

The idea was the NHS was going to look after the sick, and in turn the idea was people would take better care of themselves and the NHS bill was expected to drop after a few years.

Because the NHS abused by all.

Politicians used it to bribe people with offering more and more services, such as free IVF to free plastic surgery. And when you offer free stuff, people will take and take.

And did people life healthy lives? Rather than being healthy, many smoke, over eat, do drugs, drink heavily, as after all, they will always get free care to let them live as unhealthy as they want with no fear.

The result is that each weekend the A and E is full of drunk morons, who may have spent several hundreds of pounds to get drunk, end up getting free treatment each week, while those who have become ill by accident (not self induced), have to sit for hours while these morons are dealt with.

But don’t worry folks, as in the next few years, we have generations of fatties who will be having vast health problems, because it has been seen as not politically correct to tell fat kids that they are fat, and to get of there fat backsides and run around till they are healthy. Instead we have to tell them they are normal as that is far more caring to make sure they will heave a life of health problems (though many will probably be dead by 40 years of age). So just watch that NHS bill shoot up to take care of the fatty generation.

Let us not forget all those who spend 24/7 running up and down the streets (often breathing in car fumes), are those who bounce around in the gym. One wonders if in a few years the NHS will end up with a huge bill to fix there joints after they have damaged them from consent use.