Micah Richards reflects on the offensive banner which flew above the Etihad Stadium

I an not having a go at this presenter, as he is saying the same as everybody else who is claiming white lives matter is racist and black lives matter is not racist.

No one seems to have the ability to state the case.

In truth, it seems to be, this feels wrong, and thus it is wrong.

It should be rather simple to state it is wrong to state white lives matter, or all lives matter is wrong because xyz. Yet all people can do to defend this illogical, is to say, people need to educate themselves. It is meaningless.

What is it I am supposed to educate myself on?

Am I wrong to believe in equality and that all people are equal and so all lives matter?

If we are now being told that one group of people should be treat differently, or viewed differently, that is fine, but would seem to go against common sense, and indeed we are therefore being told to believe in Nazi ideology, were one group is above another.

It has been reported that the police are to take no action [LINK]. So presumably it was not illegal.

It seems to be no more than a ridicule over the black lives matter protests/statements, where the mainstream media and celebrities and companies are getting involved in a political group, without challenge on the fear (one suspects) of having a twitter storm against them, should they not apply.

I believe the YouTube presenter Tim Cast stated that he watches sport to get away from politics and suspects your average sport fan will have no interest in seeing sport people take the knee or have any interest in there political views. One wonders how many will tune in to want to hear the views of a football person. How many will turn away from sport as they will feel that it is no longer entertainment, and worse, not reflective of there views.

I have often told anyone in porn, such as those who do web-cam shows, never ever talk about politics, as it will only end up with you offending many people and so you loose out on money. Though, the irony is that I am now posting about politics, and so not taken my own advise.

The football clubs also now have a problem. They refused to wear the poppy [LINK], or at least some seemed to and some seemed to wear it. It is fine to have a stance where you have no political views on show, even good ones such as the poppy. One can see the logic for any company or sports event to have a policy of not displaying one, as you then face problems if you do not do it for others too.

If I was a football club, I would not allow any displays, because you may be asked to promote a cancer charity, and then find out it supports animal tests. You then look mean if you do not promote it, but at the same time if you promote, you are promoting animal cruelty.

The problem football clubs in having black lives matter shirts, is that they will find it almost impossible now not to wear the poppy, nor indeed promote every course that comes along. By doing this kneeling and wearing the shirts, they have created a long term problem, for the sake of a short term media look.

If too that the black lives matter protests or supporters create problems, those (such as the BBC and these sports teams) are going to look foolish. If we see such as Jesus and Mary statues being destroyed by the BLM [LINK], one suspects public opinion will turn. And those who wish to be seen as being politically correct for supporting BLM could end up looking like they support a hate group.

See also: White Lives Matter’ banner creates a problem [LINK].

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