#MeToo – what a farce

The #MeToo movement became within a short period a farce.

It started off by actors or actresses stating they had been sexually abused, in the industry, but then everybody claimed to be sexually abused, on the basis someone may have asked them out on a date.

One suspects actors or actresses agents, suggested to the, that making out they were abused would get them free publicity.

Indeed, if you are an actor or actress if would give you great publicity to tell a newspaper how you have been abused sexually, even if it was no more than someone saying you look nice. As you can claim it affected your confidence and so on.

However, one must also note that while these middle class female actresses put on sad looking faces and told the world how brave the were when they were asked to wear a short skirt fr a film, one must remember that such as  Corey Feldman have spoken about being abused. He showed real emotion when he spoke. But oddly he seems to have had very little attention to what happened to him. Could it be because he is male? Surly he is the brave one.

But it is not as if any of this is news.

We know that even in the 1940’s actresses were being taken advantage of.

Over the years i have heard many actresses openly speak of such incidents. In the last few weeks I was listening to interviews by Shirley Temple who stated in one that she had someone exposing themselves to her. And this was when she was a child actress, not an adult actress.

Hollywood seems to have done nothing over the years to prevent this. So I fail to see why it would do anything now.

But like most of these Twitter protests, to take part, you need to claim to be a victim, in order to post #MeToo. So it is little wonder that so many will post they are a victim, in order to take part. In the same way all the morons around the globe throw a bucket of water on themselves in order to be part of something. And non of these things make any impact or change anything. Can you even remember what the bucket challenge was promoting? I certainly cannot, I think it was an illness or something.

Will the ‘casting couch’ end? Well put it this way, if you were offered a big part in a major film, would you have sex with someone you did not want to, to get the part? Well, I know I am male and not gay, but I would probably blow a director if he suggested it would help get me the part. And I suspect most people would if they were honest.

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