Women who claim to be feminists then use the term Mansplaining

When someone states that a man is ‘Mansplaining’, what they are saying is that a man should have no opinion on a certain topic.

It is often used when a women who is not too bright, has lost an argument or/and cannot debate with someone. She will say your ‘Mansplaining’.

I noticed this recently in a twitter thread, where one woman stated on twitter ‘fancy him Mansplaining to her what feminism is’.

It is bizarre on two points.

  1. Feminists claim to be about equality, yet in the next breath will state certain people are not equal enough to be part of a discussion. If they stated someone black could not give his/her points because he/she was black, we would be (and correctly for doing so) say that is wrong. Yet for some reason, we seem to allow these women to be openly prejudice.
  2. By using the term ‘Mansplaining’, it suggests women are not very bright and cannot debate with men, and should only debate with other women. This degrades other women by suggesting women are weak/stupid and victims, who need protecting from the clearly more intelligent males. Thus for a feminists to use the term ‘Mansplaining’, she is harming and degrading women.

Using the term ‘Mansplaining’, is a step back for women. It degrades them.

Perhaps if your one of the women who use the term ‘Mansplaining’, perhaps you should refrain from posting on such as twitter as clearly your ability to debate is rather poor, when your only ability is:

  1. State someone is ‘Mansplaining’.
  2. Call them names/insults/swear words.
  3. Block them because you cannot defend whatever nonsense you posted.