London protests/riots 13th June 2020

My understanding was that black lives matter (BLM) were not going to go to the London protest on Saturday 13th June 2020. I belive more than once they stated this was because they know other groups would be going and this would mean violence.

Rather than stay away, the Black lives matter supports/followers went to London.

The rest was a disgusting amount of violence from at least two groups. By this both black lives matter, and what is reported to be the English Defense League. It is possible other groups as well as individuals went too (who were not part of any group).

That there was no need for any confrontation.

assaulting and screaming at the police is not justified.

Doing a dirty thing on or next to statue (or what ever it was) that marked the death/killing of a policeman was disgusting.

As you can see I make no excuses for anyone, nor will I claim one side was worse than another.

For those from black lives went, presumably to create violence (after all they stated they were not going to go on that basis). And while I presume most who went to protect the statue, were behaved, some clearly went for a fight.

It should be pointed out that while I do not agree with the black lives matter protests, and see them as diverse, and rather pointless, they did have several protests in other cities, and these I believe were non violent. However, these were lost from the news because of the London riots.

As I state, I will not defend anybody who behaved this way. Even shouting at the police is unacceptable.

While I condone those on the riots, the ones I shall condone most is those who did not condone both sides, but indeed took a side.

On Twitter I found good people from different sides, who stated everybody was wrong. While others, have wrongly taken sides, and stated one side were thugs while the other not. It is those people who are helping stir up hate and division.

Those that we see who post that side x are thugs while not also stating side y are also as bad, are the ones creating diversity. They do no more than create anger as others feel they are being defined as scum, while the other side is defined as heroes.

One needs to remember that, these riots are the results of the black lives protests, or to be precise the damage of statues. Should the statues not have been damaged, and the police stopped the vandalism, and we had non of the justification for the act of vandalism (often from smug left wing supporters), it would be extremely unlikely (in fact I would suggest not at all) the riots in London would have happened.

One also wonders if black lives matter will keep doing protests, and if so, what will the motive of them be. As I can only conclude it would be to create more riots, and more division, and more hate.

But do take note of how the news have covered this protest and the other protest(s). Where violence was at both, and how they seemed to be suggesting that the protest of July 13th, is far worse than, the one around a week ago were it resulted in police being chased all over London, and statues damaged. Both were dreadful, yet one seems to be made to sound like it was a nice day out, while the other, a war zone. Notice too how people are labeled. I noticed one news stated black lives matter turned up to see far right thugs. This simply does not help things, and creates problems when you make one side sound nice and the other bad, when clearly both sides were bad.

Also I am getting rather fed up (have been for a long time now) to see tweets from people, that are only point scoring. This x is bad and we are good posts all the time do nothing at all for any debate. I think Barack Obama has put this best into words [LINK].


Some posts from good people.

This is a good one. I hate football, so I do not know who this football chap is, but he sounds a good chap.

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