Lisa Nandy – virtue signaling before the NHS

If you are a Labour MP, what would you choose?

The NHS, and tell people to stay in, lock down, to protect the NHS and not overload it (because of this virus).


Virtue signaling and jump on whatever Twitter trend is for that day?

Today is the Black Lives Matter protests trend. These protests conflict with the stay at home and save the NHS.

So we can see now, what the true values of MP’s are.

See also: The BBC News seems to have hidden the news [LINK].

You would have thought that Labour MP’s would be jumping up and down to protect the NHS that they claim they love (often to a point where it becomes vomit worthy). So when you see how they cannot resist but to virtue signal even if if conflicts with there so called love of the NHS, we see them slime on to TV and try to explain how on one hand they believe in the lock down but on the other hand they support today’s thing, which happens to be black lives matter protests. Next week it will probably be something different, as we have seen, one week it is gay rights, the next week the environment, and each time no doubts it will be important to them, until something new pops up that they can virtue signal to.

It gets to a stage that we see these people as nothing but amusement. In the same way we see pop stars and comedians inform us of there left wing credentials, only to later find out they are involved with tax dodges or using the state to furloughing gardeners and housekeepers (like Steve Coogan has reported doing [LINK]).

These people loose credibility.

Indeed does one even believe that they have any interest in whatever the latest trendy thing is to support?

Not so long ago we had all these people back the green protests. One wonders how many are still interested as it is no longer in the news. I have been pro green most of my life, but never felt any of these people were that into green issues. And the fact most seem to have moved on to new trends, shows to me there beliefs are not strong.

Today, real beliefs seem to be replaced by being seen to do the right thing.

Most on these black lives matter protests, seem to have no interest in what they claim to be on the protests for. Most seem only interested in being seen on Instagram.

Indeed ask any why they are on the protest, and they will mumble that it is something to do with police killing black people in the UK. Ask them then to name a black person killed by police in the UK in 2020 and they look blank at you. And yet they will at the same time claim to educate you.

Point out that most murders seem to be black on black murders almost daily in London, and they have no answer.

Point out that the ones holding black people back or not the white folk, but the black folk who tell each other they are victims and condemn those who have done well and succeeded as ‘sell outs’, and they have no answer.

If the deaths from this virus increase and the NHS is overloaded, do not moan. Do not dare say we should stay inside. As no one will now care.

To be honest, I do not care if you meet up, as I have always said this lock down is nonsense. And by the looks of things, such as these Labour MP’s clearly do not believe the lock down was needed as if they did, no way on earth would they even be suggesting these protests are a good idea at this point in time.

By the way, I like Lisa Nandy. She is one of the very few Labour MP’s I like. and I find it a shame she could not resist appearing to virtue signal. One wishes Labour had the MP’s of the past who often seemed to be people of great belief, regardless if you agreed with them or not. But then again, does any UK party these days have these powerhouse people within them?

As for black lives matter, one should see my post on one of there posters (unless it is fake) [LINK]. It may in deed be fake. But if it is real, then we should see these protests as possible organised riots.

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