Personally I do not mind Lisa Nandy, but she has made a real mess about Transgender Athletes’ Rights in this interview.

If I had been her I would have simply said that she had no view about it, and it was up to the Olympic organizers to sort out.

In truth I do not give a hoot about the Olympic games, or indeed any sport.

But if we do live in an equal world, then surly you would not have men’s events and women’s events, it would be everyone competing together. Could you imagine if some events were for black people and others for white? That would be unacceptable, so why do we see it acceptable that we split the sexes up. The message is that women are different, or not as good as men? It is odd that we never hear feminists demand that everyone should compete together. It seems that equality is implemented only when it is convenient to do so.

In this interview, it feels like Lisa Nandy is giving this rather poor answer (if you call it an answer) as she wants the Transgender and the female/feminist vote, yet one wonders if one or the other side will feel supported by what she said.

When it comes to sport, fairness becomes subjective. For instance, those who are fast, tend to have long legs and an athletic body type (I would suggest). So I would never be an Olympic runner as I am not built to run as fast as others are. As in life, while we are equal, we are at the same time not equal (you may be faster or more intelligent than me for instance).

One suspects that this year, we will find some athletes use drugs. The event seems rather pointless, and those who take part, a rather pointless waste of time, when they could be doing something far more meaningful with there lives. But then again, perhaps other people find the Olympic events exciting. For me, I could not think of anything less interesting to see someone run a few yards, or jump a bit or whatever pointless activity they do at these events.

However, while I find sport, incredibly dull. It does seem to entertain those who are weak in the head. Part of me envies those who have great passion about a particular sport, as it must be wonderful being with such lack of intellect that one can deem such things as important.