Lewis Hamilton vows to continue anti-racism fight as six F1 drivers fail to join Brit in taking a knee in Austria

Lewis Hamilton vows to continue anti-racism fight as six F1 drivers fail to join Brit in taking a knee in Austria [LINK].

One presumes that Lewis Hamilton knows that what he is doing by supporting the black lives matter, that he is also supporting the end of police and end of capitalism. I have respect for him having such beliefs and presume he is going to tell the news in the next few days that he is giving everything he owns away, otherwise his support for black lives matter and the end of capitalism is false.

Indeed, one suspects that not a single person on the black lives matter protest have given away everything they own.

In the same way, we never hear about anyone who believes in communism and the end of capitalism, ever giving up what they own.

Rather than end capitalism, many on the black lives matter protests seemed to in fact want goods, by breaking into shops and taking what they could.

It is the same way those who believe we should pay more tax, will never pay extra tax. Yet, the UK and I expect other countries too, will let you pay extra tax if you wanted to.

It would seem that the version of communism, that those on the left have, is a version where, they can keep all there goods and money, but expect others to be made to give up there goods and money.

So let us see if Lewis Hamilton gives hiss money away or sets up a charity to help black people (and I mean all his cash, not a few pounds), or perhaps just kneeling for the cameras is enough.

By the way, if he is pro human rights, why is he driving for Mercedes as unless I am wrong, Mercedes has had in the past, not such a clean human rights history. And as we know, black lives matter is about wrongs of the past.

It is also odd that he supports such a left wing organisation, as he has stated he moved to a different country to avoid paying as much tax. You would have thought he would have stayed in the UK to pay tax, that goes to pay ch as schools that help black children in the UK.

Hamilton announced his intention to live in Switzerland in 2007, stating that this was because he wished to get away from the media scrutiny that he experienced living in the UK. He said on the television show Parkinson that taxation was also a reason


In 2018, it was reported that Hamilton had a net worth of £159 million.


Sure he could give £159 million to a charity to help black people, but I guess doing a knee photo opp is going to help black people just as much.