Lets stop pretending we could have avoided the London Bridge stabbing attack

Over the last few days, and I am sure many more days, if not weeks, and possibly months, we hear everybody saying what could or should have been done to prevent the London Bridge stabbing attack.

The truth is, preventing such events is almost impossible, unless you place every human in prison for life.

One suspects a smart person in prison, would simply pretend to be reformed. Say the right things and do the right things to seem safe. Then once released go stab someone.

One of the best ways to prevent this, is the fact the armed police turn up almost instantly. It amazes me the speed the armed police turned up to deal with this. I would presume this would put off many from doing a repeat, knowing they are hardly going to achieve anything, as they will be arrested or shot almost instantly.

The fact that those who commit the crimes are forgotten, while the victims names are re-told, means those who commit such crimes, are not mortars, and have not become part of history.

One wonders if they should even be classed as terrorists. but simply murderers. The reason I say this, is that terrorists commit such acts for a reason. Yet, does anyone know what the aims of these people are. What is it they want? Does anyone even know? It seems more a case of just wanting to kill anyone. While terrorists often are part of a group, and often have years of being part of the group, these people seem to self declare themselves as water they wish to be part of.

In many ways I would suggest that they are no different to those you read about in the USA who pick up and go shooting people.

While Usman Khan, used terrorism, as an excuse to kill. One suspects he would have killed people regardless.

One suspects he and others do this as they want to murder. If they had any real aims, then they would make a blog post and/or youtube vids, which would be far more effective in getting there message across. If it is about people in other countries, then they would fly out and help them. But no, it is about there own fame.

But as I said at the start. We should stop trying to pretend you can prevent people doing this. You may stop some, but it is impossible to stop all.

But perhaps, those who may consider committing such crimes, may at least see that such as Usman Khan achieved nothing. Perhaps when they see others have murdered and achieved nothing, that they may at least come to the conclusion, such acts are pointless.

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