Lesson 45 on how to be left wing: Punch Down

Lesson 45 on being left wing: Use ‘punch down’ in your tweets as much as you can.

This week we find the BBC could be getting rid of those dull, non funny comedians we love. The ones who rather than try to be funny, will simply tell people that those who have there own thoughts or ideas are racist and clearly Nazis.

We being the left wing are horrified at seeing people fight against us. Do they not understand that by us censoring people, removing the right of free speech, forcing people to kneel, bulling people, wearing block outfits and harassing people in the street, spray painting buildings, that we are showing that being a Nazi is wrong, by doing everything the Nazis did and believed in.

Today we need to use ‘punch down’ in every tweet you make as if you came up with the term. It will make you sound clever.

We must presume that jokes = harm.

This week we had a meeting while we were screaming at an old couple who was walking down the street. We were calling them Nazis as it is important to put fear into anyone who may not be left wing as then they will warm to our ideas and vote for a left wing government. As we were harassing these people, we worked out that some comedians are telling jokes rather than inform people what to think. We must see this as harmful.

So please post on twitter that jokes are doing ‘punch down’ and that, this “Are things only funny to him if they punch down at minorities or the less privileged?”.

As a white middle class left wing person that you are, the chances are you have never met anyone who is a minority or met anyone working class, however, we must presume that they want us white middle class left wing people to speak for them as they are too thick to use twitter themselves. And yes, they may find the jokes funny, but they are far too stupid to understand that they should be offended by such jokes.

How dare John Cleese talk about comedy on the radio today and say woke is not funny. We must remember that most of us on the left are extremely educated and many have a GCSE in Sociology. So do not let people who have a degree and gone to decent universities try to put you down, as we are clearly far better educated.

Do not worry if you cannot debate, simply copy and past what someone else has posted and pretend it is your words.

If someone posts any comment, simply insult them, or call them a Nazi, or put them on block.

Do not forget, in the last UK election, we managed to get Labour to victory, except for the fact the election must have been rigged as the Conservatives seemed to get most of the votes. Yet we know that all the screaming and shouting we do, has won people over to our views.

Do not be put off when minorities tell you to sod off and to stop speaking for them, and that they find it insulting and degrading to have white middle class left wing speak for them, when they may not hold the same views and that they fee they can speak for themselves. They are clearly wrong and being paid by big businesses.

And keep up with the demonstrations. The more we walk around with our cardboard signs, screaming and shouting, wearing black uniforms and our masks, the more people will support us. Ignore your parents who tell you to grow up and stop annoying people.

And it is not bulling if you go on twitter and bully people who do not agree with you, it is only bullying if those who are not left wing do it.

And well done to those who posted about Adele and what she should wear. Being modern left wing people, we need to show that we are modern and against men who in the past would tell women what to wear and degrade them in public, and write letters to the local paper saying they should not wear mini skirts and so on. So we have proved we are modern, by posting that Adele should not wear certain clothes and comment about her looks. Being a modern left wing, we need to keep telling women what to do, and think, and what they can and cannot do with there bodies, as this is the only way we can defeat the sexist men.

Keep fighting for woke comedy and woke TV shows. Just because no one watches them, does not mean TV and film firms should stop making them.

Remember, the only way we can stop Nazis, is by making sure we are bigger Nazis than the Nazis were. Keep up the good work of getting those who disagree with us silenced. We must not have people prove what we say are do is stupid.

Keep up the good work folks, and keep on finding new ways to be a victim, and keep on being offended and speaking for others, even if they do not want you to. We have known suffering, I know myself, that farther did not buy me a pony till I was 10.

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