Laura Pidcock MP – Why We Need a Socialist Feminism

Laura Pidcock MP reflects on her recent motherhood and how it has convinced her of the need for a feminism that speaks for working-class women.


A white middle class left wing, woman speaking for the (presumably stupid) working class women.

And in turn, lots of mainly white middle class, left wing women are tweeting each other with this article saying how wonderful this white middle class, left wing, lady is to speak for those (presumably stupid) working class women (who are far too stupid to think correctly like we do).

So I read the article.

So lets see what she says, that is ‘wonderful’. One presumes she has some radical thoughts on how to change the world, and improve the lives of women.

Lets go paragraph by paragraph.

  1. “Feminist ideas are still vitally important not just to women but to society”, no, only to you and a few women in the UK. Most do not see these ideas as part of their beliefs. However feminists live in Lar Lar land and believe that all women think this way, and if they do not, then they are stupid and there opinions do not matter. In the feminist world only one view point counts, all others are wrong.
  2. “I was brought up by a wonderful feminist Mam…”. Examples would have been interesting. I was brought up myself by my grandmother who ran her own business. She was against feminists as she pointed out they tended to be only mainly middle class left wing women who only looked after other mainly white middle class left wing women.
  3. “For most women on maternity leave, with considerably less money than when they were in work…”. This is known as making a choice. Men too make choices. If you choose to have children then that is your choice. Oddly only middle class women seem to moan about this, but do keep telling us how your working class and not middle class.
  4. “I say this honestly as a woman with a new baby…”, men look after children too. But one needs to become a victim and pretend only women stay at home and become full time parents or carers. After all we are not about equality are we, in what we say.
  5. “We soon find out, both during pregnancy and in early motherhood, that society is not designed for us…”. Oh dear, poor you. for thousands of years women have given birth, in every country. But I guess your special and you need to be treat differently.
  6. “I want to reflect on what I think are some of the challenges and opportunities facing our sex in 2019… Capitalism has its grip on women’s bodies, every day distorting what it is to be beautiful…”. All those darn men’s fault. It is not like women have jobs and run magazines or social media or anything.
  7. “We see the explosion of body procedures like labiaplasty…”. I agree, I think it is not needed. But men too are getting such procedures. And women are also performing these procedures on women and men. But then again Laura Pidcock MP, in the pic in the article you wear earrings, and you also have your hair done nice, so are we just being a hypocrite? Yes the degree of what some people do is more than getting earings, however, you have engaged in the system. And is it your place to define what level it is, people should stop at. But yes, in my view people do not need such operations, and often look worse for doing so.
  8. “More commonly (and more accessibly) women are availing of lip fillers…”. To state this is to look more sexual is true. But again, in your pic, you appear to be wearing makeup. So again, is one not being a hypocrite. Can one complain that women are trying to look more attractive, when one is doing this yourself?
  9. “Because to age is to be less attractive…”. No one wants to look or get old. Men too will do anything to look and stay young. Today, one complain you hear from women is men being too long in the bathroom getting ready and men using all the beauty products women buy.
  10. “There’s an explosion of influential YouTubers, who get millions and millions of views…”. Such is life. If women or men choose to spend their money on tat, it is up to them.
  11. “I believe we must question the underlying forces that drive the need to consume and conform to norms…”. We know the forces that do this. People have an instinct to get more in order to attract a mate. Just as birds may make the best nest.
  12. “As socialist women we should view the liberation of our class…”. Most people are not socialists.
  13. “Because we know that in order to become a billionaire, you have to steal from the mouths of our sisters…”. Can you provide evidence of this. For example Microsoft made billions from producing software people wanted. I would be interested if you could show how Microsoft stole from people.
  14. “Our liberation, our freedom…”. People are not liberated with socialism. Socialism traps people, especially the poor, to stay poor. It does give the mainly white middle class power over the poor by telling them what to do and think.
  15. “Workers owning the wealth they produce…”. Workers are paid an agreed salary. This is risk free. By this, the business owner(s) invest money into a business that may fail. The business owners take the risk. The workers as long as the business keeps going, have the guarantee of a regular salary. If the business has shares, the workers are free to purchase/invest in the shares. If the people who set up a business have no reward for risking there money, because all profit is going to go to the workers, why would they bother to set up a business? And this is 2019, no one forces anyone to work for any business. People choose who they work for and can leave and work for a different business.
  16. “Normalises violence against women…”. I do not believe that society normalises violence against women. In fact if anything society seems to be against violence against women, and has been for some time.
  17. “A century ago the suffrage movement… “. It is unlikely they were socialists, and also unlikely they would have considered themselves to be feminists, nor connect themselves to modern feminist beliefs.
  18. “Making the rest of us feel like failures…”. One of the problems with modern feminist ideology, is, that it would appear that the belief is that all feminists, are by nature all academics and are worth paying a fortune in wages. It seems many have not grasped the fact they may not be as talented as they seem to believe. And rather than accept there forthcomings, they seem to wish there failures on the belief that it is society’s fault, or indeed mens fault they have not achieved what they presume they should have achieved.
  19. “And to men, to the working-class brothers in this fight with us…”. Your clearly middle class, not working class.
  20. “Because of course, feminism is intimately bound up with socialism…”. And like most mainly white, left wing, middle class people, you presume the working class are walking around in flat caps, wanting to live in some sort of soviet state. Yes, it is true, as we all cycle around on our bikes, with our whippets running along, as we go down the mines, carrying out loaf of bread, and looking forward to our yearly holiday of a day at the seaside. We dream of living life in USSR.
  21. “Stop watching porn”. So at least we know that Labour want to block porn if they get into power with there socialist broadband, that will presumably be highly censored. And are we still trying to pretend porn is only watched and made by men? Do you think people believe that rubbish in 2019, when  you have women openly talk about the porn they watch and make.
  22. “How do we challenge the hyper-materialism which consumes young girls?”. If they work, it is up to them what they spend the money they make on.
  23. “It is incumbent on us all to work for a socialist society which challenges capitalism…”. Capitalism is pushing cars and so on to be greener. Socialism ends up with little research. The USSR cars were terrible on polluting.

So should one conclude that in this article, all you have done is presume that all the working class want is to live in some sort of USSR system?

If this USSR system is what people want, then why did people leave it and opt for capitalism? Perhaps they were all thick too.

And feel free to go into detail how porn is harming people, when all the university studies have stated it does no harm, and some even say it has been a benefit to people.

Her mother Mary was a social worker while her father Bernard was an office manager.


It states Laura Pidcock MP, mum, was a social worker. Hardly working class. The most middle class going. Perhaps one day she ate baked beans, and felt that made her working class.