Labour tries to scare us – on a anti Labour youtube channel

I was looking on youtube, and looked at a channel who seems to be anti Labour. Or should I say pro Brexit.

On it, Labour has an advert trying to scare people into thinking that they soon may get a bill from the NHS, even though this has been stated not to be the case.

Do you remember when Labour said they would be different and not be like the rest? I guess that ideology did not last long.

I have no problem with Labour doing adverts. If they believe the general public is stupid, then it is up to them if they want to put such adverts out. I would suspect many people who may have voted Labour will presume Labour must think they are morons to believe that the NHS will end in a few weeks time.

I would suggest Labour are slightly hypocritical, as they were moaning that a few days ago that the Conservative part changed its Twitter header to fact check or something (rather clever as the twitter page was in the news for days). One can hardly moan at one silly bit of promotion, then pull your own.

Personally I do not think such a scare tactic will work, and probably do Labour more harm. Most people know this NHS sell off is a false story. In fact I believe many in Labour have admitted it is not true, or at least come out with some excuse why they said the NHS was going to be billing people. But if people see this advert, and think Labour is not being honest about it, will they think all the other things Laourt have said is not true.

They have already been proved to not be correct about only the rich being taxed. Indeed it looks like anyone who is married will loose £250 or something like that. Labour MP’s then seem to suggest people will be better off as apparently everyone who is married have children who are at nursery and are on minimum wage.

Of course, if Labour gets in,  and the economy goes belly up, not only will the rich leave the UK, but so will most people with a few pounds. Many will sell up quick before the value of there property flops, and retire in other countries, leaving those who cannot afford to move, with the bill for giving wealthy women (waspi women) around £30k. Labour MP’s have said that these women will spend the money and it will benefit the UK. Many I suspect will retire in other countries and that £30k will be used for a house in a nice hot country.

I still remember the last election where one was made to think that if Labour had won, people would have there student debts cancelled. It turned out this was not to be the case.

Labour seems to be going for the youth vote. At least if the youth do vote Labour, and they end up in a few years to come with years of high tax to pay, and huge cuts in government spend, at least it is there own fault.

One question I have not yet heard asked, is if Labour believe in equality. I presume they will also give men a £30k payout as well. As at the moment it seems rather sexist to treat one sex differently.

As for giving everyone a state broadband, will this also include a free computer too. As what is the point of giving free broadband if you have no computer. And as Labour have said this free broadband is for everyone, I presume they would have to give a free computer or iPad to everybody. So if a house has two parents, and three children, it would be reasonable to presume that the house would get five computers or/and iPads. And these will need to be replaced every few years too. Not to mention the state will need to repair any broken or damaged computers/iPads. The cost will end up being billions, and ongoing.

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