Labour and Labour supporters openly bully people

The anti-Semitism in Labour has been going on for a long time now.

But should we be surprised when we have seen years of abuse from Labour supporters. Many see themselves as being so correct about everything, that they feel that they can abuse those who do not sure 100% the views they hold.

It was not too long ago when we found Labour MP’s and Labour supporters, mock the death of an old lady.

In 2013, we publicly did see what some in Labour and many Labour supporters were in truth like.

It seemed rather odd that people had such hatred as to have fun over the death of am old lady. At the time, I thought about how I had lost several grandparents, and would have been horrified to have people mock there deaths in this way.

It was not all Labour MP’s, who celebrated. Such as Tony Blair condemned the abuse.

At the time, I thought, did those Labour MP’s and Labour supporters, not think that many people voted for Baroness Thatcher, and did they think by mocking her death, this was a way to win voters over to Labour? It seemed a rather odd tactic.

Now come forward a few years, we find on such as twitter, Labour supporters abusing everyone they disagree with. Is this how one wins people over? I suspect not.

Only this week, we found that Labour supporters, took it amongst themselves to prevent Boris Johnson from meeting and talking to voters. It was reported one Labour supporters at this so called protest, even spat on someone.

This was not a protest. A protest would have been to stand with your banners. This was blocking freedom of speech. It was about preventing one party having a say. You may as well stand at the ballet boxes and burn all Conservative votes. This is not democracy. And will Labour condemn the actions of these people?

So when we look at anti-Semitism. Is it simply another layer of abuse?

In truth I do not care about giving any religion, extra protection. As abuse should not be abuse based on if you follow a religion. However, what people have said they received from Labour supporters, is no more than abuse and bullying. If we put the religion to one side, what these people have been sent is horrific and upsetting. I would be upset if someone had sent me the same comments.

And perhaps worse is the fact Labour does not seem to protect Labour MP’s. You would hope they would condemn abuse towards people who may be in other parties, nor mind their own (though we know abuse to others seems acceptable such as Baroness Thatcher).

One would have presumed they would have done everything to keep Luciana Berger from leaving. If I was a leader of a political party, and someone felt they had to leave because of abuse from your own party supporters, I think I would be devastated.

Yet Labour supporters bullied Luciana Berger out of her party.

And yet at the same time, they try to fob us off with that tied old line that they are the nice party, and the one that looks after people. They do not look after their own, so do I think they will look after others. No. Do I think these are kind caring people? No. In the last few years, I find the Labour supporters to be nasty bullies. Most do not seem at all nice.

MP Laura Pidcock, has been reported to even say she is happy to see those who do not share her views as the enemy.

What sort of person views somone who does not share your views as an ‘enermy’.

Personally I am happy to mix with anyone, and do not care if we have different views.

So when people from Labour start to drivel on about how they are the nice party. Guess what. I do not believe them.

Of course we now find Labour having to buy votes from well off women. Some may get £30k or more (nice deposit on a second house) if Labour win and pay these women off.

I bet those women who vote Labour will be telling people it is because they care about others. Trust me, if your one of these women, don’t try to pretend it is because you care, as we know your voting to get your cash.

This also makes me giggle, as on one hand Labour tell us it is about looking after each other, then, on the other, make it clear it is about looking after yourself, sod the young ones who will end up having to pay more tax to pay off this bill.

I will finish this with a youtube vid, shot in the last few days, with Labour supporters.

Just listen to what they say. Its shocking.

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