Keep the fear is tending #KeepTheLockdown

Come on folks, we need more fear.


Lets pretend that if your under 60 with no health problems then your going to die [LINK].

Lets crash the economy, as it may make us communist [LINK].

Lets all post fear on Twitter and scare everybody to stay inside for the rest of there lives.

Lets pretend that we will get paid thousands of pounds each month by the government, as it is nice weather, and with luck they will even give us nice big houses free to live in.

Lets pretend that lots of working class people are still going to work, in supermarkets and deliveries, as they do not matter.

Lets just live in fear and tell each other that the government is wanting us all dead.

Lets stay in lockdown for ever, as even if this virus goes away, we still have colds, and flue, and we need to stay inside safe.

If we stay inside no one will die from being run over by a car. So it is much safer.

I hope the government makes it law that people cannot open a window or go in there gardens, as if they do they are selfish.

Stay inside folks, or you are evil.

Coronavirus: Lots of people will die because morons do not understand how herd immunity works [LINK].

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