Being told your fat may upset you. Not being told your fat means you can carry on regardless.

Of course people do not want to be told they are fat, in the same way an alcoholic does not want to be told he or she is an alcoholic as facing up to the problem and dealing with it is extremely hard.

And just like alcoholics and indeed drug users, most people who have such problems will pretend to themselves they are fine.

When I was a child in the 1980’s, people were fat, but nothing like what they are today. In fact I was probably the fattest in middle school. But the concept of being so fat you could not walk and needed a electric buggy to get around or indeed a wheelchair, I do not think anyone in the UK were that bad. If they were, one presumes very few.

Today we see huge people, and worse still they have often huge children.

Rather than help people, the left give these people excuses and tell us that we should not call them fat in case it hurts there feelings. And so these people die at a much younger age, and before death, they face a life of health problems. Indeed, we see many people these days who have no life, and simply exist for the health services to look after them.

This keeps going year after year, with the left still pretending that there failed ideology is the best thing for fatties.