Jim Davidson and Bernard Manning trending on Twitter

The left wing are in a rage on Twitter.

Just to remind you how caring the left wing are, they do not want to upset people. As such they did not want to upset those abusing children in Rotherham. Those children were seen as scum to those on the left.

But today the left are claiming the BBC wants raciest shows to be put on TV.

The truth is, most on the left believe that is someone is black, gay, lesbian, disabled, and so on, that they are worth less than a white male, as they believe and fully support the idea that if someone is black, gay, lesbian, disabled and so on, they are so rubbish that the only way they can get a job is if they (the left wing, often white and almost always middle class) only let black, gay, lesbian, disabled, and so on, have jobs, and not let white males get jobs. Indeed this to the left wing person (who tends to be white and often middle class) they see as charity, and will often speak on behalf of others, by being offended for them.

One has yet to see a single left wing person say that this is clearly discrimination, and offensive. But why would they when they view themselves better than people who are black, gay, lesbian, disabled, and so on.

They do not see themselves as racist, as in there minds, racists are full of rage and anger, and working class, and walk around with shaved heads. As they are middle class, and have only anger at people who so not share there views and tell them how wonderful they are, then they see themselves far from the racists that they clearly are.

Modern TV shows, are often now no more than a box ticking exercise, where people are now placed into a show on the basis if they are black, gay, lesbian, disabled, and so on regardless if they have talent or not. This degrades those who are black, gay, lesbian, disabled, and so on, who are talented and would be taken on regardless of the charity work done by these often white, middle class people.

The left see people as only where they can be placed. They see people as black, gay, lesbian, disabled, and so on, rather than as individuals.

They believe that as long as they can shout on Twitter how they are not racist and everybody else is a racist, then it means they are pure and clearly not racist.

After all, nothing proves to the world, that your not a racist, when as a white middle class person, you feel you need to be offended and speak for all the black, gay, lesbian, disabled, and so on, as clearly you know your better than them, and to you, they are stupid. It is clear you believe that as no way would you feel you were in a position to speak for them if you did not fee tat way.

Also it is clear you (the left wing middle class person) must also believe that everybody is stupid and thick, and your above them, as you fee you need to censer everything, as if we watch some show that is not extremely left wing, that we may all go out and become Nazi’s the next day.

But carry on, and keep pretending your not a racist, and view others as less worth, and keep speaking for black, gay, lesbian, disabled, and so on, and keep up your charity, by patting those who are black, gay, lesbian, disabled, and so on, on the head and offering them token jobs all the time.


Someone posted ‘Back to Alf Garnett and Til Death Us Do Part, then ?’, it shows how thick these left wing people are not to understand that that show was left wing.

Many shows that are now classed as right wing, such as ‘Love Thy Neighbour (1972 TV series)’, one wonders if they were not the left wing, politically correct shows of the time, and one wonders if in 30 years, if the left wing shows of today will also be viewed as right wing and racist.

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