Is there anything worse than those who are so self-righteous they believe only they have freedom of speech

I was on twitter, and somebody posted this:

Tweet reported for yet more dangerous misinformation from these people


I presume she had meant one of my tweets.

We can see already that she sees others as lower than herself by calling me (and others) “these people”.

I pointed out that this was what Nazi’s did, was to censer people.

She blocked me.

When someone blocks me, without even defending there views or challenging mine, it makes them look like a fool.

I could understand if this was Nazi Germany, but it is 2020, yet she (I presume she) feels that she is better than others, and clearly must feel she is better than others.

I giggled when on her profile she claims to be antifascist.

See: Fascist censorship on literature and the case of Elio Vittorini [LINK]

I have to be honest, I have had a good giggle with others when I showed them this tweet, and then pointed out that she thinks she is antifascist.

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