Is the left trying to end Priti Patel’s political ambitions in case she becomes the next PM?

It is interesting how the left are going after Priti Patel (Conservative).

One suspects that if Priti Patel had been Labour, then all the Labour MP’s and supporters would now be using the race and sex card, claiming she is a victim because she has an Asian background, and or because she is female.

One wonders if it is because she is not just a Conservative, but possibly one who could become a Prime Minister, they are trying to stop her right now.

Yet at the same time, they are backing John Bercow, who has had also allegations of bulling from his staff.

One wonders if people will see Labour as being opportunist when ever they can.

It is interesting, how the left will claim they are the ones who fight for women’s rights, but, often we find, it is only if those women are on the left, while all others, it would seem, can go to hell.

The left have, it would seem, have been stating that the UK is racist and sexist. Labour MP’s both black and female, will use the race and sex card in order to gain sympathy by stating they get abuse on twitter. Yet, we see the country backing Priti Patel who I believe is both female and of Asian decent. If the country was sexist and racist, then one presumably would not see Priti Patel being supported in this way. The only ones who seem not to be backing Priti Patel are Labour MP’s and Labour supporters.

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