Is Jeremy Corbyn worth over £3 million?

Labour seems to use a ‘them and us’ tackets to get votes.

The suggestion is, Labour are for the average person, while the Conservatives are for the rich.

Yet, we see reports that Jeremy Corbyn could be worth over £3 million. Some believe he could be worth £4 million.

It is possible Jeremy Corbyn could be worth even more than Boris Johnson.

It is also reported that he went to Adams’ Grammar School, that I believe is and was at the time a private school.

Personally I do not care if Jeremy Corbyn is rich or went to a posh private school.  Lets face it, many Labour MP’s went to private school, and many send their children to private school (of course they want the rest of us to go to box standard states schools).

But let’s not have this pretence that Labour are all working class, when in fact they are rather posh.

Also have you noticed you never see his third wife?

Perhaps having a much younger wife (Laura Alvaraz – she is I believe 49, while he is 70), may make him look like a randy sod, rather than the kind old man that they seem to promote him as. Or perhaps it may be a bit embarrassing that she is an ex banker, when Labour tell us how bad bankers are.


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