Is it not time to ask questions about coronavirus?

Should we not start to question things about coronavirus?

1. Are non medical masks effective?

In the UK we are told to wear face masks in shops, yet we are told to wear any old bit of rubbish.

Medical grade masks such as N95 are made to block virus size particles, and some reports suggest even N95 grade are not a high enough grade to block coronavirus.

In shops we see people walking around with non medical grade masks, with ,any not wearing them correctly. Many only cover the mouth. Often one sees masks with gaps in such as sides and nose as often the paper ones do no more than cover the front, and air that people breath in goes in and out via the gaps and are not filtered via the material.

One wonders too if people will be breathing in particles from the material itself.

Not to mention that one now sees makes dumped in the streets and woods and one suspects these masks will end up as a huge environmental problem in a few years time.

It must also be noted that WHO and the NHS do not (as of this post 2nd Sept 2020) list masks as advise.

In fact the NHS advice not to do is ‘do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean’, which is something you are more likely to do when wearing a mask.

WHO does talk about masks.

The vids are worth listening to.

They recommend that if you wear non medical masks to at least use a 3 layer mask.

2. Have you had coronavirus?

It is possible you may have had coronavirus, and had such mild symptoms that you did not notice.

When one gets a virus, often your body will be protected from getting it again I believe the body produces antibodies.

If you have had coronavirus, then, is there any point wearing a mask as one suspects that you cannot get the coronavirus again, nor pass it on.

This is not to say coronavirus is not possible to get over and over, as some reports suggest you can. This is a question that needs asking, can you get coronavirus more than once, and if you cannot, are others safe from you, and as such should you need to wear a mask if you have had coronavirus?

It must be noted that some people were tested with tests that were not very good. As such we had reports that people who had the virus got it again. However it is believed these tests were giving poor results and as such some countries are not using these tests.

3. Will the coronavirus kill you?

So far, it still seems to be the case that unless you are over 70 with health problems, then you should be at very low risk.

Do not get confused with reported cases and death. Often the news reports reported cases, and in most of these cases no one will die and many may show no symptoms or very low symptoms. Indeed for many, they may find they are worse with the common cold than the coronavirus.

Also do not be confused when you hear people of dying with ‘no underlying symptoms’, as people hear this and presume someone has died who is healthy.

Thomas House, a reader in mathematical statistics at University of Manchester, said it was important to remember that an underlying condition not being recorded at the time of death did not necessarily mean that the individual did not have an underlying health problem, for example where someone had not previously been diagnosed with a chronic condition

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