If this was a film, it would flop for being nonsense

We are living in an age of madness.

One suspects if lots of pathetic people had not got into a big fear, after seeing what now appears to be actors pretending to be dead in the streets in China having died from this virus, the chances are we would have not noticed it in any way.

We have had the virus now ten or so months in the UK ad deaths are not huge, and in fact governments are now having to resort to telling us how many people have been infected to make things sound scary.

Yet hospitals are coping [LINK].

While the police now act like some form of Geheime Staatspolizei (Secret State Police), abbreviated Gestapo [LINK]. – It looks like this tweet has now been removed, however we have a copy [LINK].

We are told to wear any bit of non medical grade tat on your face to walk around shops, even though, no one seems to have provided evidence they do anything than make you look stupid and one wonders what harm they have on your lungs as you breath in the fibers. Lets just hope you do not get lung problems in years to come from them.

We have children going to school and spending hours with there friends. It is considered safe. As unless a child has health problems, the chances of death from the virus is (I believe) less than the chance they could win the lottery. Yet, at the same time, they are told if they meet after school for a party, it is not safe [LINK].

In Whales you are not allowed to buy a book when you buy food [LINK]. So Amazon should see a huge increase in sales in Whales.

I can only presume that Mark Drakeford (wales) and Nicola Ferguson Sturgeon (scotland) are doing what they can to make sure they never get elected again by doing as much harm as they can to the economy by destroying as many business as they can. In truth, I do not think I could do a better job of making yourself as unelectable as possible.

To those on the left who are enjoying the lockdown, and seeing thousands become unemployed in your hope it will bring in a left wing government, remember, without people working, the chances are the NHS will face years of cuts, if not the end of the NHS as the UK may not ever have the funds to fund the NHS.

So if this was a film, would you go see it, as chances are you would think the story was far too stupid to ever happen.

In all honestly, I now wonder if I am simply dead and hell is real, or I have entered the The Twilight Zone.

And can someone explain to me what is the point of locking up students at university, when they are only mixing with themselves anyway? [LINK]

By the way, from time to time I get staff in shops ask were is my mask, and I say I am wearing it on my leg as I have not seen anything that tells you where you have to wear a mask, only that you have to wear one. I also ask if they believe non medical masks are any use. And everybody tells me they do not believe they do any use at all, but we must wear them as they are told go. I have a feeling that 99.999% of people wearing masks do believe there is any point in them. Sorry, but I am not playing along with this pretense. As I have said over and over, provide me the evidence that wearing non medical masks are effective (as in a university study).

Why Face Shields And Plexiglass Barriers Don’t Block Coronavirus [LINK].