I suspect Movement for Justice By Any Means Necessary will have little support

My understanding is you have to get two or more years in prison before this affects someone.

In reality getting two years or longer in the UK is not easy.

For a start, first offences tend not to be prison.

So one would presume that many of those who have committed an offence have done something serous.

One also must presume that in many of these cases there will be at least one victim, who may never fully recover from the offence.

On TV a lady was on, saying her husband was being kicked out of the UK. He had been convicted of drug selling. One wonders how many lives had been wrecked and wrecked in years to come, if he had not been arrested.

This is the problem with such a stance, is that the ones you should put first are the victims, and not those who committed the crimes. The reality is, no one has made any of these people do the crimes. In some cases such as drug selling, it was pure greed. In reality people (possibly even children) may be dead from taking his drugs.