I presume the #BlackLivesMatter protests were organised by racists?

I presume the #BlackLivesMatter protests were organised by racists?

I presume this to be the case as the only thing the riots have archived is to make the black community look like thugs, and to have them destroy the areas they live in.

I cannot imagine that this was organised by anyone who wanted to help the black community, unless they were complete morons.

After seeing the twitter posts from London, it seemed that the police stood back and allowed people to riot in case stopping them would have upset people. Indeed in one clip, a chap was having his head kicked in, while the police sat looking on.

I have made a note to myself that should I go to London, to carry a weapon, as clearly if I was to be assaulted, I cannot reply on the police. And after seeing police kneel down, as if to give a blow job to the protesters, who seemed to later to assault the police, I do not feel the Met Police are any use.

Why did people in the UK feel the need to demonstrate, when this was an event in the USA?

Why are these people not getting as upset when almost daily we hear in London a black child or adult is murdered, by gangs.

Why were people not demonstrating when children were being abused by gangs in the UK, when the police have (I believe) stated they did not believe the children.

George Floyd had done time for assault and robbery two years earlier, and before that, had been convicted of charges ranging from theft with a firearm to drugs [LINK]. If he had been a person who had no criminal record, then I could understand people being upset. But why be so upset about someone who was involved (if the report is correct) with drugs?

On top of this, the police involved have been charged, and the system is working.

It is also not clear if this had anything to do with race, as I believe the policeman involved is married to a person of color. Indeed one wondered if the person had been white, if the would have been treat the same way. It is possible that he may have been.

The riots are not just the black community, but also a lot of white left wing people, who are using this as a left wing protest. How many of these white protesters, care about the lives of black people? I suspect very few. Most seem to be white middle class, who will go home to a nice hose and will probably get a nice job. Most seem to be using the black community as part of there own private left wing riots.

Most left wing people seem to enjoy the power they have over the black community, by having them in a position where they become dependent upon the left for handouts and charity.

How will these riots help the black community?

Well if the aim is to be seen as thugs, and to get criminal records, and reduce the chances of getting decent jobs, then, if that is what the aim is, they have succeeded.

If the aim is to make the black community feel more like victims than ever, they probably have succeeded at that as well.

If the aim is to be seen as thugs, that raid businesses and set fire to them and houses (including ones owned by the black community), and in doing so, increase the chances people will live more in fear, and (in the USA) buy guns to protect themselves, and in doing so, will probably shoot innocent black people in there area, then they have probably achieved this aim as well.

See also: Those who virtue signal to condone the looting are no more than fools [LINK].

These riots will have done nothing to help the situation.

I know after watching some met Police who appear to be giving some protesters blow jobs, that my respect for these met police has dried up.

And we know that some of the demonstrators have no respect for others, as they smashed up buildings and assaulted people. If you did that, then you are scum. You are not a good person. You are no better than the raciest you claim to be against.

If you stand trying to intimidate children who are cleaning up buildings that you or your friends feel you have the right to damage, you are scum.

If you are smashing up a building, or burning it, or beating someone up, or vandalizing a building, and a policeman gives you a bash with his truncheon, I do not care.

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